Rose & Connor
Which depends on who you ask
Wed Nov 29, 2017 21:11

It didn’t particularly surprise Rose when Connor shoved the cat off the table. Rose liked cats but she still got annoyed at hers when Sami put her paws near Rose’s food. Cats were great, but Rose was also very acutely aware of where cats put their paws (everywhere) and she didn’t want to eat the last thing her pet had stepped in. And Rose wasn’t nearly as germophobic as Connor was. Connor liked things neat and meticulous and consequently hated cats. Not that he liked most animals, but he definitely, definitely hated cats. Fortunately, Sami was smart enough to stay away from him, so there had never been any problems there.

This particular cat seemed inclined to jump on tables in general; after Connor pushed her off, she walked over to Rose and jumped up with a little miaow. It was cute, but Rose was not about to let Remington’s cat get away with behaviour her own cat wasn’t allowed. She put one hand under the cat and gently scooped her down and off the table.

Although the cat hadn’t been near Connor’s food the second time, he still would have been horrified by the animal being on the table - and might have tried to swipe her off again - but he was, instead, occupied by the utter nonsense that was spilling out of Remington’s mouth. What did she mean he wasn’t in charge? He’d never said that he was. He wasn’t a prefect (yet) (although Claudia did stand a fairly good chance of making prefect, so he oughtn’t count his eggs before they’d hatched) and he wasn’t a professor; of course Connor wasn’t in charge. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t have opinions about basic common decency, which was exactly what not bringing dirty animals into the Diner was. You didn’t have to be a prefect or a professor to know that cats were filthy and that filthy animals near food meant people getting sick, and not the kind of sick that you could get rid of with a Pepper-Up Potion. And what in the world did the younger girl mean by privilege? Of course Connor still had all his privileges; he hadn’t gotten detention or anything like that. And why would that intimidate Remington?

It wasn’t as though Connor had ever thought highly of Remington, but the incoherent nonsense that she’d emitted moments before, all puffed up like she was doing something she was proud of or something, had made his opinion sink even lower. He gritted his teeth. He was so, so sick of people like Remington thinking that they ran the school. They thought they were special or something, just because they were different. Like they could get away with anything, like stalking people or putting random people at risk for illness by having their animals near food. Connor clenched his fists under the table. He wasn’t about to punch Remington, but he was trying not to lose the temper that had been stretched particularly thin of late.

Of course, after Remington’s diatribe of twelve-year-old nonsense, she went right on to talking to Rose and ignoring Connor. Talking about Dade. Who Connor was now three thousand percent certain should not be associating with her.

“He is mad at you,” Connor cut in, lying. “He told me so.” Dade had done no such thing, but who was Remington to know that? Connor considered following his statement up with the claim that Dade didn’t like cats either (and what kind of name was Catapault?) but he was pretty sure that would be going too far. He snuck a glance at Rose, wondering if she would catch him in the lie, but his sister didn’t look like she was about to contradict him. Good. Maybe Remington would just wander off the way she’d come and take her stupid cat with her.

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    • Which depends on who you ask - Rose & Connor, Wed Nov 29 21:11
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