Dade Farnon
Can I order off the menu?
Thu Nov 30, 2017 15:20

Lately, Dade had been needing more and more food to feel full at a given meal. Considering that ‘meal’ usually meant ‘the Diner’, and ‘the Diner’ usually mean ‘people’, the youngest Farnon was rather annoyed at the new development. Left to his own devices, Dade would much prefer to alternate his time between his dorm room and the library. He liked the library. It was quiet, and by now he’d figured out some good places to hide where people wouldn’t think to look for him. There were also a lot of interesting books with interesting information that they weren’t taught about in class, which seemed silly to Dade. Why would they learn how to protect themselves from curses and hexes and jinxes (and what was the difference between those things anyway?) but not how to fight back with the actual curses and hexes and jinxes? Dade thought that was stupid, and he’d dedicated a fair amount of library time at this point to fixing that noticeable gap in the curriculum. He’d even picked up a friend - or test subject, however you wanted to phrase it - along the way in Kit Kendrick.

Regardless, the last thing Dade wanted to do in any given morning was deal with people, so he made it a point to get to breakfast early in order to avoid the masses. He usually ducked out by the time there was any sort of fuss, but he had just been sitting there quietly eating a large mound of scrambled eggs and far too many sausages to be considered healthy, when the new Welsh girl bustled by and left a flier on his table. Dade scowled at it. Probably she was trying to advertise her stupid gardening club. There was no way that Dade was ever going to join a gardening club, although Rose said she went once in awhile, which Dade didn’t understand. Rose didn’t have a lot of patience for things like gardening, but she was kind of friends with the Welsh girl he was pretty sure, or at least he’d seen them together an awful lot before Midterm. They’d partnered up for the weird babies project the older kids had done in Cultural Studies.

Now there was a project Dade never wanted to do. Babies were not Dade’s forte; he was rarely around them and if he was, they were usually crying, and Dade hated noise. Crying babies were especially annoying, almost as annoying as when that Cetus first year started talking. Huburt. Who was roommates with Drew, who Dade had decided he genuinely felt sorry for. Rooming with Huburt seemed to be terrible, although Dade couldn’t precisely say he enjoyed his roommates either. Drew wasn’t terrible, and Dade briefly considered a reality in which he was actually rooming with Drew and not the stupid people he was actually rooming with. It wouldn’t make a difference though, Dade was pretty sure. Half of his problem was that his roommates were awful, but the other half of his problem was that he had roommates. Dade had always had his own room at home, and it was a pretty big room at that. Here, he shared a medium-sized room with two other people, both of whom were terrible.

Grumpily, Dade reached out to grab the flier and throw it away. Once he grabbed it, though, he realized that it was supposed to be some sort of menu. What in the world was the Welsh girl passing out a menu for? Was she setting up some sort of stupid event where she could showcase the food the people who were dumb enough to be in her club grew? Aside from being annoyed at the disruption to his breakfast and the existence of Myffi in general, Dade was now curious about the specifics of the menu, so he opened it up.

There were plenty of entries about different things, but the one that caught his eye was about sausages. His hazel eyes scanned the description automatically before his common sense caught up to him, but by the time Dade’s common sense had caught up to him, he had realized what he was reading and somehow couldn’t find it in himself to put it down. There was a lot of information on the menu, about how different animals were kept and how they were killed and made into different types of foods. There was even a spot on the menu for fruits, and how they were killing the planet because of pesticides. Dade looked at his sausages and eggs, then back at the menu, then back at his sausages and eggs. Then he balled up the menu and threw it on the floor underneath the table. What was the point of that? They had to eat food, why would someone go on and make the food sound so undesireable?

Plus, how did this Myffi girl even know that was how RMI’s food was gotten? They were a wizarding school and Dade assumed that there were wizarding farmers. He also assumed that casting a spell on crops was probably more cost-effective and easier than applying pesticides or whatever. And spells couldn’t run off into rivers and affect the fish in the rivers, which apparently they weren’t supposed to be eating either.

Dade scowled and grabbed his fork, then took a big bite of his scrambled eggs. He wasn’t about to let the stupid transfer student ruin his breakfast. This was exactly why he tried to eat before people came in to the Diner. If he’d come to breakfast earlier, he wouldn’t have been disturbed by the fake menu and its ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims. He was going to eat his eggs and sausages and he was going to do it while glaring pointedly in Myffi’s direction. Maybe she would notice and feel uncomfortable. Good.

Or at least, that was the plan. Then someone sat down right in the way of Dade’s glare so he turned it on the newcomer, who probably deserved it marginally less than Myffi did. “You’re in my way,” the second-year said pointedly.

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    • Can I order off the menu? - Dade Farnon, Thu Nov 30 15:20
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