That's your opinion
Sat Dec 2, 2017 16:11

“No,” came the instant reply. Myffi raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips. She decided she didn’t especially like probably-Camilla. “You shouldn't shove your beliefs into everyone’s faces when we don't shove ours.” At this, Myfanwy couldn’t restrain herself from bursting out with laughter. Was this girl actually serious?

“You have got to be kidding me.” She wasn’t sure if she was laughing from disbelief at probably-Camilla failing to realise how perversely false her statement was, or from the pleasure she was about to experience from pointing this out. “I can’t eat ninety-nine per cent of the food this school serves to me,” she pointed out with vigorous indignation. Camilla was standing up, so Myffi stood up, too. “I have to buy and prepare my own food because this school doesn’t cater for the needs of people who actually give a crap about where their food comes from. If I didn’t go and spend my own money on literally three meals a day, I would either have to forfeit my beliefs or starve, so don’t tell me nobody is shoving their beliefs down my throat,” she summarised scathingly.

“And that is my aim, actually,” Myfanwy said. “To educate people, to get them thinking about their food, any hopefully, yes, the people who do care will look into being more animals friendly. Planet friendly, too. Animals and ecosystems can’t stand up and fight for themselves, you know, they need us to do that for them.” She looked the older girl over and frowned at what she saw. “You’re obviously not interested and that’s fine, I’m not force-feeding you vegan sausages or taking away your precious leather handbags, am I? You just go about your day as if you’d never even seen my flier,” she suggested, “and you live a long, happy life never worrying about how you are destroying the very plants and animals that provide you with all your comforts.” She sat down again and poured herself another cup of tea.

Myffi wasn’t usually so vocal in her remonstrations, but when someone immediately started attacking her life that with so little provocation, she wasn’t about to let them think it was acceptable for them to talk down to her with so little respect or consideration for her perfectly valid opinions.

  • I’m awesome tyvm! - Camilla , Thu Nov 30 11:59
    No,” was the only word that came out of Camilla’s mouth at MYFFI´s invitation to sit down and talk about it. What even was it? The blonde´s anger rushed through her veins in an irrational way. At the ... more
    • That's your opinion - Myffi, Sat Dec 2 16:11
      • A true statement - Camilla, Sun Dec 10 18:16
        Camilla was right and the author of the pamphlets had been Myffi, and her words echoed around her mind as she uttered them. They made sense, they really did, and Camilla felt a bit bad that she had... more
        • I only speak the truth - Myffi, Mon Dec 11 08:58
          It wasn’t unheard of for people to listen to Myffi and the apologise for their own outbursts, but it wasn’t exactly usual, so when that’s what Camilla did, the apology took the younger girl by... more
          • I prefer my truth - Camilla, Wed Dec 13 16:16
            It was safe to say and assume that Camilla Grace Baird was selfish enough that she didn't care about what Myffi was telling her now. She was glad and relieved that the younger girl had accepted her... more
            • Truth is not subjective - Myffi, Wed Dec 20 09:31
              At least Camilla was being honest about not wanting to switch to vegetarianism. Myfanwy understood that not everyone shared her beliefs, morals and ideals, and she wasn’t going to force them on... more
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