This is too far gone for eggs!
Sat Dec 9, 2017 00:58

Putting her yogurt the yogurt that sad hurting cows had been forced to make by some rude company and that she definitely didn’t want anything to do with anymore back into the carton turned out to be harder than she had expected. But Marley was determined to get rid of it, one way or another, so after she ran out of patience with spooning it back and forth (this happened quickly), she put her bowl down, drew her wand from her shorts pocket, and tried to make the entire bowl go away. She had heard about spells that could Vanish things or Banish them, and she had no idea what the difference was between those two, but both sounded like good options right now. Unfortunately, neither of those spells had yet been taught in the third-year level Spellwork classes.

Marley tried to just jab her wand at the bowl and think really, really hard about making it poof into thin air. She also mouthed the word “banish” for good measure. That was all that nonverbal magic was supposed to be, right? Moving your wand like normal and focusing on what you wanted it to do? Apparently not, because it didn’t work. Frustrated, and still upset, she jabbed her wand again and said the first Real Spell that came to mind. “Avifors!” The bowl of yogurt shivered violently, and then with an audible pop, it turned into a parakeet. Not a bright green parakeet, like was more normal to see at pet stores, but a sort of creamish whiteish colour with red splotches. It was disturbingly similar to what her yogurt-and-strawberries had looked like, but at least it was a live, happy bird now instead of sad cow milk and pesticides. At least, she hoped it was happy!

Swiping her wandless hand across her eyes, she startled a little at the touch on her arm. “Hi, Alena,” she greeted the younger girl automatically, minus the smile that should always accompany greetings. For quite some time, she had thought that smiles were automatic, too, but they actually weren’t, and this was a good example of that. Like, very not good, duh, but still a good example. “It’s all these!” she informed Alena, pointing at the fliers spread around the food table. The splotchy red parakeet took her extended fingers as an invitation to hop up, which Marley was very okay with, and she drew the little bird in closer to patpat it on its little head reassuringly. It was too bad that Marley herself was tall for a girl, because if she was shorter, then she might have been able to ask Alena to patpat her on the head, too. She wasn’t sure if being patpat was actually a reassuring thing, but it couldn’t hurt to try!

“I knew that fruits and veggies had some problems in how they’re grown and stuff - I’m in AgriClub, you know,” she reminded, having no memory of whether she had already told Alena about that but figuring it was better to repeat than not mention it at all. “And Myffi’s taught us so much about growing plants. She’s really amazing. But, but, I never realized that people would actually do bad things to animals for food! Like, sometimes when my mum parks the trailor out in rural parts, we wind up beside a farm, or even between two farms, and sometimes there are cows around and cows are so gorgeous and sweet and it never even occurred to me--” The dark-skinned girl sniffled again and then patpatted the parakeet again. “It’s okay little guy, I’ll never let anyone make you back into sad yogurt.” The quiet way that she cooed this to the parakeet was slightly ruined by her watery eyes dripping down her face.

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    • This is too far gone for eggs! - Marley, Sat Dec 9 00:58
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