Nolan Ramsey
You read my mind, kid
Sun Dec 10, 2017 02:48

Nolan wasn’t big on pre-planning what he wanted to eat and he wasn’t a picky eater, so when he arrived at the Finer Diner for breakfast he usually just grabbed whatever table was close and available and chose something off that. All the food at RMI was pretty good (except the grits. The grits never tasted just right), so he probably wasn’t missing out on anything by serving himself whatever he found first. Today, Nolan found biscuits and sausage gravy and eggs sunny-side-up, which he loaded all onto one plate. He brought his fork down like a guillotine to break the yolks and let the gooey yellow stuff run into the biscuits and gravy. It smelled amazingly good.

Nolan sprinkled pepper on top of the whole yummy mess and prepared to dig in. Reaching out for a napkin, his hand brushed against something else made of paper on the table. The fourth year frowned and picked it up. The paper was kind of soft and chunky and weird, and the ink was a little fainter than normal ink, but Nolan could read it well enough.

It was all about how the eggs he was about to partake in were from chickens that lived cooped up (in a bad way), and how the sausage was made from the gross parts of sad pigs or whatever (he stopped paying too much attention once he got the point of the flyer). Well, yeah, now that wasn’t right. Chickens should be out in their pens pecking at worms and feed or whatever. Nolan’s ranch didn’t have chickens or livestock, but some of the surrounding farms did. The Ramseys got all their eggs and meat from their neighbors, except for venison, which Nolan and his dad usually went hunting for. So the Oklahoman knew for a fact that the food he normally ate probably didn’t fit the flyer’s description. He was pretty sure most of his neighbors who grew produce used potions or spells instead of pesticides. The Ramseys had some charms to keep destructive bugs away from their vegetable garden. It was the easiest way to make sure they didn’t get insect infestations eating their way through the plot.

The tree-hugger, animal-lover message and weirdo paper just screamed Myffi. Nolan was doing agriculture club with her, mostly because it is was the closest thing to ranching he could do at RMI, so he’d heard her go off about this kind of thing before. The way Nolan saw it (not that he would tell Myffi, because he didn’t want a lecture), humans had a right to decide how things were since they were the dominant species and needed resources. If chickens took over all of a sudden, then they could be in charge and change stuff.

(He was pretty sure that pigs actually could just take over if they really wanted to. They ate pretty much everything, could be massive, were scary smart for animals, and their bites hurt like the Cruciatus. Mankind was a couple of angry hogs away from having porcine overlords.)

Some of the people around him were taking the information really hard and not eating any more, which Nolan thought was kind of an overreaction. So what if a few chickens got hurt? They were chickens. His appetite wasn’t affected at all, so Nolan stabbed a bit of biscuit on his fork, mopped up some egg yolk and gravy with it, and shoveled the bite in his mouth. Mmmmmm.

He was a few more mouthfuls into his breakfast when the kid next to him said something about black pudding. Nolan didn’t know the other student (probably a first or second-year, not an Aquila, had a weird accent) and he had no idea what black pudding was. Like dark chocolate pudding? Or blackberry pudding, something like that? Weird thing to bring up now. Maybe because there was gelatin in pudding and that was made from ground-up pig bones or whatever.

“Yeah, well, guess they don’t usually have desserts like pudding at breakfast,” Nolan said to the younger student. Come to think of it, maybe RMI should offer breakfast desserts. After all, you could get dessert food at lunch and dinner. “Look at all the stuff on this list. There’s like, nothing edible left over if you take all this outta your diet. She’s probably upset about it ‘cause she can only eat wild mushrooms and water.” He almost felt bad, except that Myffi had chosen to be like this. Nolan could respect picking a battle and sticking with it, but this sure was an inconvenient battle to have picked.

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    • You read my mind, kid - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Dec 10 02:48
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