A true statement
Sun Dec 10, 2017 18:16

Camilla was right and the author of the pamphlets had been Myffi, and her words echoed around her mind as she uttered them. They made sense, they really did, and Camilla felt a bit bad that she had such a hard time with her beliefs. She really did, and she had to concede that Myffi’s attempt to educate people was commendable, but her hormones started tugging her towards staying in the angry edge of her emotional spectrum. Camilla knew Myffi was right, but she was stubborn enough to not want to accept it.

Her hazel-eyes looked at Myffi, and Camilla was about to say something else but she decided against it. She flopped, defeated, into the nearest chair and sighed loudly. She cracked her neck before looking at Myffi long enough to focus on her. The girl could be described as colorful? Eccentric? A little weird? Camilla couldn't place the exact word to fully describe the RMI transfer, but she didn't really want to try. The blonde wasn't interested enough.

“I am sorry,” she finally muttered under her breath before shifting uncomfortably on her chair. The Cetus was not a fan of admitting she was wrong, especially while her body was making her go through emotional roller coaster as it was. She cleared her throat, “I am sorry, I shouldn't have verbally attacked you like I just did.”

Camilla offered a reconciliatory smile and hoped she hadn't made the other girl too angry. The blonde wasn't in the market to make any new enemies and with her experience with Rose and Ruben she didn't want take any chances, especially since she didn't know anything about the girl sitting with her. Camilla didn't want to end up buried around the school or sneak attacked in a hallway, again. No, the Cetus was not going to take any chances with strangers.

  • That's your opinion - Myffi, Sat Dec 2 16:11
    “No,” came the instant reply. Myffi raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips. She decided she didn’t especially like probably-Camilla. “You shouldn't shove your beliefs into everyone’s faces when we... more
    • A true statement - Camilla, Sun Dec 10 18:16
      • I only speak the truth - Myffi, Mon Dec 11 08:58
        It wasn’t unheard of for people to listen to Myffi and the apologise for their own outbursts, but it wasn’t exactly usual, so when that’s what Camilla did, the apology took the younger girl by... more
        • I prefer my truth - Camilla, Wed Dec 13 16:16
          It was safe to say and assume that Camilla Grace Baird was selfish enough that she didn't care about what Myffi was telling her now. She was glad and relieved that the younger girl had accepted her... more
          • Truth is not subjective - Myffi, Wed Dec 20 09:31
            At least Camilla was being honest about not wanting to switch to vegetarianism. Myfanwy understood that not everyone shared her beliefs, morals and ideals, and she wasn’t going to force them on... more
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