Now that is a skill to posess!
Mon Dec 11, 2017 15:35

The comments from the older, (Satveer guessed) southern, student were a little too comfortable on Satveer’s ears. In all the time he’d travelled with his family, he’d observed first-hand the effects on a community when someone with a specific belief system, ideology or even diet disturbs the normal order. For that reason alone, Satveer had gotten a pass from his parents to eat what ever he wanted when he was at school, as long as he observed the sikh diet elsewhere. Well, apart from faggots, chips and mushy peas. It was almost impossible to find halal faggots… and Black Pudding. Actually when he thought about it, his family weren’t the strictest of Sikhs.

Whilst Satveer considered whether he should inform the other student that black pudding wasn’t a dessert, a thought rang out. RMI was indeed a multicultural institute for education, but it didn’t seem to cater too well for the students it educated. Satveer knew nothing about Myffi other than she ran the agricultural club but perhaps Myffi followed a particular faith and it required her to eat only wholesome foods. Maybe, like Jehovah’s Witnesses, she was required to spread the word of her church to the sinners and none believers. Or maybe she was just a bitch with a grudge. It was all speculation and but maybe the school should have accommodated her more so she could eat the food she liked – it’s not like biscuits and gravy were his first choice. But the thought soon passed as really he knew how diverse the school was, and just how much it offered the students.

“Black pudding isn’t a dessert” Satveer began. Apparently his mouth had made the decision for him. “I think you call it Blood Sausage. I used to eat it with a full English. It’s damn good fried!” Satveer exclaimed with a smile.

Without wishing to share many of his feelings on the matter of where his food came from, Satveer offered a considered response “I guess that’s the issue with mass produced food. We just don’t know where it comes from.” Satveer stated, looking over towards Myffi. “I get where the girl is coming from, and actually I quite respect her for it. She’s sticking to her guns but does she know for sure where the school gets its food?” Satveer asked, returning his gaze to the boy. “I won’t lie, it’s been weird getting used to your American food. A lot of it is sweet and gravy!” he sighed. “Gravy I mean gravy should be brown.” He said gesticulating towards one of the other student’s dishes. Aware that he could rant on about real food, Satveer returned to the topic at hand. “I have to admit, a free range egg tastes nicer!”

  • You read my mind, kid - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Dec 10 02:48
    Nolan wasn’t big on pre-planning what he wanted to eat and he wasn’t a picky eater, so when he arrived at the Finer Diner for breakfast he usually just grabbed whatever table was close and available... more
    • Now that is a skill to posess! - Satveer, Mon Dec 11 15:35
      • Are you a secret Legilimens? - Nolan, Fri Dec 15 11:22
        The younger student corrected Nolan about what black pudding was and he blushed, embarrassed about saying something wrong. Nolan had always blushed easily; his face was kind of pinkish naturally and... more
        • I am Sam, Sam I am - Satveer, Wed Dec 20 06:56
          Satveer didn’t know what he’d said to cause it, but the other student started blushing and seemed to have a ‘look’. Rather than causing further embarrassment Satveer followed the conversational path. ... more
          • You certainly are - Nolan, Sun Dec 31 00:23
            There was no recognition in the younger boy’s response to Nolan introducing himself. Then he followed up by answering the question about his name in probably the weirdest way possible. Nolan had no... more
            • Nods, yep. That’s me. Thank you! - Satveer, Fri Jan 5 07:44
              The longer Satveer stayed in school, it clearer it got that not many wizards spent much time around muggles or their ways. Nolan’s declaration of his unfamiliarity with, what Satveer thought to be,... more
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