I prefer my truth
Wed Dec 13, 2017 16:16

It was safe to say and assume that Camilla Grace Baird was selfish enough that she didn't care about what Myffi was telling her now. She was glad and relieved that the younger girl had accepted her apology and there were no hard feelings, especially because the Cetus couldn't afford another ambush around the school´s hallways. No, Camilla had no idea where Myffi came from, and she didn't really want to find out the hard way.

“Probably not,” Camillas answered with a smile at Myffi’s first statement. In fact, she wanted some bacon now. Maybe an omelette with cheese and bacon? With some toast and marmalade? Yes, that sounded havenly.

The Cetus zoned out as soon as the other girl started her explanation of sustainable reliable materials. Was she going to stop purchasing her beloved leather goods? The answer was no.

The blonde´s mind began wandering into the summer plans she had made. Well, the ones that had been approved by Mrs. Randolph. It wasn't bad, really. She just had to attend a few parties scattered throughout the whole summer to end with an Edwards party. She was nervous to actually be among them. She had never mingled with her sisters or father’s family. But before that end of the summer party, she had planned traveling around the world with Elijah. Camilla had a summer full of fun activities with her boyfriend! The blonde smiled at that thought. She had heard about a wonderful and beautiful magical community in Argentina, and the blonde was dying to go spent some days there. Apparently the beach was its neighboring magical towns were delightful. Camilla had just sprung the idea on Elijah and she had started the planing without consulting him, but she knew he wouldn't say no.

It took a minute or two for Camilla to realize that Myffi had finished with her lecture about leather goods. The Cetus smiled again and gently got up from her seat ready to run towards her beloved and delicious bacon. She didn't really want to listen to Myffi anymore. “I’ll look into it,” Not. “Again, I am sorry about the outbursts,” she smiled apologetically. “It wasn't fair,” Camilla tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. “Good luck with your endeavor.”

  • I only speak the truth - Myffi, Mon Dec 11 08:58
    It wasn’t unheard of for people to listen to Myffi and the apologise for their own outbursts, but it wasn’t exactly usual, so when that’s what Camilla did, the apology took the younger girl by... more
    • I prefer my truth - Camilla, Wed Dec 13 16:16
      • Truth is not subjective - Myffi, Wed Dec 20 09:31
        At least Camilla was being honest about not wanting to switch to vegetarianism. Myfanwy understood that not everyone shared her beliefs, morals and ideals, and she wasn’t going to force them on... more
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