Are you a secret Legilimens?
Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:22

The younger student corrected Nolan about what black pudding was and he blushed, embarrassed about saying something wrong. Nolan had always blushed easily; his face was kind of pinkish naturally and whenever he got embarrassed his neck and ears turned red, and then the rest of his face followed. He didn’t know what blood sausage was either but it was obviously not dessert.

Grateful for the change of topic, Nolan seized on the next talking point. “Yeah, I don’t know where the school gets its food. Seems like the house elves just kind of magic it up. I mean, they don’t, but it just seems like that.” Nolan knew that wasn’t true—you couldn’t conjure food—but house elf magic was different so maybe they could? He didn’t know enough about house elf magic to be sure. “I guess they could choose a local farm to get meat and produce from.” That wasn’t a bad idea. Independently-owned wizarding farms, Nolan was very aware, could produce a lot of fruits and vegetables every day if you had a good enough herbologist on hand. “But like, I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up over. Chickens are just chickens.”

It occurred to Nolan that he had very strong opinions about how horses should be treated. But horses were different. They were smarter and they lived longer and they loved you. And you didn’t eat them. His neighbors with chickens treated them all pretty well, he thought. They had coops that gave them enough space to walk around, and nesting boxes or whatever, but like, when it was time to eat a chicken, they just took it out and killed it.

Despite usually eating free-range eggs, Nolan was pretty sure the kid was full of it about free-range eggs. An egg was an egg. They were pretty much the same no matter where you went. The taste was all in how you cooked them, and what else you put with them. Nolan liked it when the yolk was runny, like in sunny-side-up and poached eggs. Then you could dip your toast or sausages or hash in it.

“All right, but sausage gravy’s gotta be white,” Nolan protested. “You make it by frying up sausages and then putting flour and milk in. It’s really good. Have you tried it yet? You should have some.” He leaned forward over the table to drag the platter of biscuits and gravy over to them. “I’m Nolan Ramsey, by the way.” The kid was clearly British, so maybe he wouldn’t recognize Nolan’s last name as being connected with the fratricide trial. As far as Nolan was aware, his family scandal hadn’t made it to the international community. “C’mon, you gotta try it.”

  • Now that is a skill to posess! - Satveer, Mon Dec 11 15:35
    The comments from the older, (Satveer guessed) southern, student were a little too comfortable on Satveer’s ears. In all the time he’d travelled with his family, he’d observed first-hand the effects... more
    • Are you a secret Legilimens? - Nolan, Fri Dec 15 11:22
      • I am Sam, Sam I am - Satveer, Wed Dec 20 06:56
        Satveer didn’t know what he’d said to cause it, but the other student started blushing and seemed to have a ‘look’. Rather than causing further embarrassment Satveer followed the conversational path. ... more
        • You certainly are - Nolan, Sun Dec 31 00:23
          There was no recognition in the younger boy’s response to Nolan introducing himself. Then he followed up by answering the question about his name in probably the weirdest way possible. Nolan had no... more
          • Nods, yep. That’s me. Thank you! - Satveer, Fri Jan 5 07:44
            The longer Satveer stayed in school, it clearer it got that not many wizards spent much time around muggles or their ways. Nolan’s declaration of his unfamiliarity with, what Satveer thought to be,... more
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