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Sun Dec 17, 2017 16:27

“You’re supposed to move now,” Dade continued, trying Claudia’s patience. There was really no need nor excuse for his rudeness; Connor was obviously the epitome of politeness, and while Rose had stayed with her family for two weeks at the end of last summer she had never been rude to Claudia, so it was baffling why the youngest of the Farnon siblings deemed it acceptable to speak to her - or anyone - in this manner, so devoid of respect. It wasn’t just that she valued good breeding (although that was part of it), but also that Claudia experienced the self-worth others placed on her: Connor’s respect for her made her feel worth respecting. Conversely, Dade’s disdain for her caused her to feel insignificant and unworthy. Her father had explained these were feelings reflected by the speaker (in this instance, Dade probably felt insignificant, so he was forcing those feelings onto others to defend himself), but that didn’t make Claudia feel any better about being treated as somebody unworthy of basic consideration.

She let him make attempts at instructing her behavior for a moment or two, during which she stared at her lemon, reminded herself that Dade’s opinion of her was not the only one that mattered, and decided that she infinitely preferred Connor’s company to Dade’s, then Claudia coolly replied, “If you wanted me to move, perhaps you should have asked me to do so.”

Only then did she consider the paper Dade had thrust at her. She did not need to turn again to see where he had gestured, because she had seen the two older students already: one of them was Camilla, and the other was the fifth year transfer who had organised some sort of gardening club. Casting her eyes briefly across the page, Claudia quickly ascertained the measure and purpose of the note and discarded it dispassionately back onto the table top. Worrying about the life experiences of her meals was not something that interested Claudia; anyone who had enjoyed a smooth foie gras or tender veal with as much regularity as the third year would find it impossible to pay heed to the comfort of her food before it was served. The point was that it tasted good, not that the geese and calves were granted more time outdoors than their eventual consumers, inhabiting an underground school.

“I suppose everyone needs a cause to follow,” she considered airily, adding a smoked kipper and scrambled egg to her plate. At least the reason for Dade’s ire was now apparent. “If it’s something you’re interested it, then by all means, allow it to affect you,” she suggested, and then paused while she took a forkful of her breakfast and enjoyed its smoky flavors. “I think it’s an insult to good cuisine to have its methods questioned,” Claudia countered. She was being contentious because she was still unsettled by being the unwitting recipient of her companion’s sour mood, and she resented that she was suffering it instead of the fifth year (obviously it wasn’t Camilla who had orchestrated this stunt). Besides, the varied and well-prepared meals (although not as fine as the cuisine Claudia sampled at home) were a highlight of the school, and she would lament their loss if a student caused sufficient fuss to result in some dishes being revoked.

  • Is it your menu? - Dade, Sat Dec 16 14:38
    Oh great, it was Connor’s girlfriend getting in his way with her prissy little lemon in her prissy little water. Why did she even think she was allowed to sit with Dade, anyway? Where was Connor?... more
    • Not mine - Claudia, Sun Dec 17 16:27
      • Well it's certainly not mine - Dade, Fri Dec 22 10:16
        Okay, Dade would admit to being pleasantly surprised. He had expected Claudia to be at least as prissy and annoying as Connor, who would probably be horrified by the information on the fliers. Connor ... more
        • Write your own, then - Claudia, Sat Dec 23 07:05
          Either Dade’s grumpiness was wearing off, or Claudia was just quickly becoming accustomed to it, as at the moment he seemed in a less foul mood than when she’d sat down. He still appeared far from... more
          • It seemed like Claudia was more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt than Dade was, which was to say that she was considering it at all. Dade usually didn’t make excuses for people like... more
            • Shall I do it for you? - Claudia, Wed Dec 27 06:14
              “Why would you force everyone to look at pay attention to one thing? It’s not like anyone is actually going to care,” Dade denounced protest and advocacy. Claudia was sympathetic to his opinion; why... more
              • That might be best - Dade, Sat Dec 30 09:05
                Again, it appeared that Claudia was being particularly polite about this ridiculous situation, calling this sort of thing a matter of ‘personal preference’. Personally, Dade did not care about the... more
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