I am Sam, Sam I am
Wed Dec 20, 2017 06:56

Satveer didn’t know what he’d said to cause it, but the other student started blushing and seemed to have a ‘look’. Rather than causing further embarrassment Satveer followed the conversational path. It was only when the other student lay forth the statement that House Elves could conjure the food, did it even occur to Satveer that different sorts of magic could exist.

Satveer’s family didn’t have a house elf, or at least his household didn’t. Plenty of his grandparents, aunts and uncles had them but not him. Before the family… disagreement, whenever Satveer stayed with his uncle Raj, his father’s brother, he’d often sneak away to the kitchen for a nibble of something sweet. Sometimes he’d help Og, his uncles crudely nicknamed house elf, prepare the meals or just talk. Og, was a gentle old house elf who seemed to enjoy Satveer company. Possibly because he wasn’t mean to him.

Satveer understood the general rules of magic, offspring and such… Muggles could have wizarding babies, and similarly, wizards could have squib children. He even got that different magical creatures possessed interesting abilities, but how… why do house elves possess different magical abilities? Their DNA must have been so close to that of human DNA that…. And with that he couldn’t help but think Has there been a wizard, house-elf hybrid?

Satveer would be the first to admit, sometimes he took things too far! Luckily this was all in his head!

“I agree, an egg is an egg. I guess it’s just nice to know the chickens aren’t…” Satveer didn’t know where he was going with this, so he thought it best to come clean. “I guess my mum always bought free range eggs, so I’ve never really questioned it.” Satveer sat back in contemplation.

“…gravy’s gotta be white” A smile glanced Satveer face. This sentence did not compute! As the boy, Nolan, explained the ingredients to Satveer and presented him with a platter of biscuits and gravy, Satveer smiled. Nolan’s stance and insistence weren’t too dissimilar from Dr Seuss, so he thought he’d run with it. “Sam” he retorted. “Sam, I am” speaking quickly over himself to both explain his thought process and avoid further embarrassment. “I am Sam” he said with a smile. Unaware if Nolan would be into Dr Seuss, or muggle books in general, he quizzed “Have you ever read Green Eggs and Ham?” Dr Seuss was originally American wasn’t it? Surely he’d read it. Picking up a nearby fork. “I don’t know enough rhyming words, so I will give them a try” Satveer said smiling.

From Nolan’s description, Satveer considered it was most of the ingredients to a Yorkshire pudding, but in a frying pan. So, therefore biscuits and runny pancake (minus the eggs)? Satveer used the side of his fork to break off some of the biscuit, and ensuring he got some gravy, slowly bought the food to his mouth. The first thing to note was that it didn’t taste good with his sweet cereal. But the palette clash was quickly resolved, and the biscuits and gravy soon became the dominant flavour. Satveer wasn’t generally a fan of white sauce foods. Cheese sauce, Béchamel sauce, Peanut Sauce… They were ok, but just weren’t what generally ticked his fancy.

Once he’d chewed what had to be chewed, and swallowed this foreign mouthful, he concluded: it wasn’t bad.

Nolan clearly had an expectation of Satveer’s verdict. Satveer considered the consequences of relaying a ‘wasn’t bad’ result to the representative of the biscuits and gravy alliance, against having to eat it all the time. Honesty, he determined, was the better option this time. “It wasn’t bad” Satveer started with a smile, “I guess it’s something about how it looks that gets me” he continued ambiguously. “I’m not normally a fan of white sauces or generally flour based foods. I only eat pancakes occasionally, and it’s almost the same ingredients. But yeah, it’s not bad.” He said, nodding his head with a smile.

Satveer then used his fork to brake off some more scone biscuit, scooped it up and before he placed it to his lips, he looked at Nolan and said, “Your turn for some black pudding next?”

  • Are you a secret Legilimens? - Nolan, Fri Dec 15 11:22
    The younger student corrected Nolan about what black pudding was and he blushed, embarrassed about saying something wrong. Nolan had always blushed easily; his face was kind of pinkish naturally and... more
    • I am Sam, Sam I am - Satveer, Wed Dec 20 06:56
      • You certainly are - Nolan, Sun Dec 31 00:23
        There was no recognition in the younger boy’s response to Nolan introducing himself. Then he followed up by answering the question about his name in probably the weirdest way possible. Nolan had no... more
        • Nods, yep. That’s me. Thank you! - Satveer, Fri Jan 5 07:44
          The longer Satveer stayed in school, it clearer it got that not many wizards spent much time around muggles or their ways. Nolan’s declaration of his unfamiliarity with, what Satveer thought to be,... more
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