Well it's certainly not mine
Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:16

Okay, Dade would admit to being pleasantly surprised. He had expected Claudia to be at least as prissy and annoying as Connor, who would probably be horrified by the information on the fliers. Connor had a brief moment of attempting to be a vegetarian when he had found out that the food they ate was actually animals (Dade had been five and Connor had been six when that happened; Dade hadn’t cared). His older brother didn’t like pets, most especially cats - and most especially Rose’s cat, Sami - but he was okay with larger, livestock-y animals. Connor thought they were cleaner or something, Dade wasn’t sure. But Connor’s attempts at being vegetarian had stopped when he realized that their cook wasn’t going to make special dishes for him and that he’d be left eating potatoes and picking bits out of chicken pot pie. Still, Dade was pretty sure this would be a throwback for Connor and it might just push him into being a vegetarian again. Presumably with more success, since there was abundant vegetarian-friendly food present at RMI.

“I don’t care,” Dade said, less grumpily than before now that he knew there was somebody else who at least partially shared his feelings on the topic. Or at least, someone who wasn’t going to fall into the transfer student’s trap. “I just think she’s being stupid. She’s talking about all these Muggle things, and we’ve got to get our food from wizarding sources, it doesn’t make any sense otherwise. She shouldn’t be talking about things she doesn’t know anything about.” Admittedly, wizarding agriculture wasn’t exactly Dade’s area of expertise, but at least he knew how to think about things and reason out what must be going on, a skill some people seemed to lack. Plus, it wasn’t like he was going around and making fliers about it.

But it seemed like Claudia was a cooler person than Connor, which was kind of surprising. She always seemed kind of anxious in class and was usually kind of quiet. Or well, Dade thought that she was kind of quiet but he had never really gone out of his way to talk to her or anything. He thought she kind of disapproved of Kit, but mostly because Claudia seemed to avoid his friend in class. Although to be fair, Dade was of the opinion that everyone should avoid Kit in class. The first-year was a walking, talking disaster and while Dade found that infinitely amusing, he wasn’t about to stake his grade on Kit not being an idiot.

  • Not mine - Claudia, Sun Dec 17 16:27
    “You’re supposed to move now,” Dade continued, trying Claudia’s patience. There was really no need nor excuse for his rudeness; Connor was obviously the epitome of politeness, and while Rose had... more
    • Well it's certainly not mine - Dade, Fri Dec 22 10:16
      • Write your own, then - Claudia, Sat Dec 23 07:05
        Either Dade’s grumpiness was wearing off, or Claudia was just quickly becoming accustomed to it, as at the moment he seemed in a less foul mood than when she’d sat down. He still appeared far from... more
        • It seemed like Claudia was more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt than Dade was, which was to say that she was considering it at all. Dade usually didn’t make excuses for people like... more
          • Shall I do it for you? - Claudia, Wed Dec 27 06:14
            “Why would you force everyone to look at pay attention to one thing? It’s not like anyone is actually going to care,” Dade denounced protest and advocacy. Claudia was sympathetic to his opinion; why... more
            • That might be best - Dade, Sat Dec 30 09:05
              Again, it appeared that Claudia was being particularly polite about this ridiculous situation, calling this sort of thing a matter of ‘personal preference’. Personally, Dade did not care about the... more
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