That sounds a little proactive for my tastes
Sat Dec 23, 2017 09:31

It seemed like Claudia was more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt than Dade was, which was to say that she was considering it at all. Dade usually didn’t make excuses for people like that. Either they were doing something or they weren’t, and he didn’t much care for the reasoning behind it. Regardless of why the fifth year was stupid, she was stupid and she was spreading misinformation, and she had disrupted his breakfast. Those were things that Dade wasn’t particularly willing to forgive, regardless of why she was spouting that nonsense. Plus, Dade didn’t think that was a good excuse for somebody who was older than him. Sure, it made sense for people his age to still be adjusting to the wizarding world but once you had been there for five entire years, it seemed a bit late to be doing stupid things like that. Besides, Remington seemed fine with wizarding things; she had never done something like this.

Instead of answering, Dade looked at his plate, rolled his eyes, and took another bite of his breakfast. Although he was generally an argumentative person, he wasn’t about to get into it with Claudia on whether or not Muggleborns should get their stupid actions explained away. He didn’t care enough and it was too early in the morning. Plus, it seemed like Claudia was the sort of person who just wanted to explain away everyone’s actions so everything was nice and pleasant. It made sense how she was dating Connor, in that context.

“I don’t think I’d ever do something like that,” Dade shrugged, once he’d finished chewing. “It’s dumb. Why would you force everyone to look at pay attention to one thing? It’s not like anyone is actually going to care. It’s just going to make them annoyed that you’re there and bothering them.”

Dade couldn’t think of a single thing that would be important enough to bother people like that. He was a big proponent of people leaving him alone as much as possible, and in turn he usually left people alone as much as possible. Even Remington and Kit, Dade didn’t bother them unless he had a specific thing he wanted to do with them. Kit did not extend him the same courtesy, but at the very least she didn’t complain when he hexed her in response. But it was generally frowned upon to hex people you didn’t like. It was unfortunate.

  • Write your own, then - Claudia, Sat Dec 23 07:05
    Either Dade’s grumpiness was wearing off, or Claudia was just quickly becoming accustomed to it, as at the moment he seemed in a less foul mood than when she’d sat down. He still appeared far from... more
    • That sounds a little proactive for my tastes - Dade, Sat Dec 23 09:31
      • Shall I do it for you? - Claudia, Wed Dec 27 06:14
        “Why would you force everyone to look at pay attention to one thing? It’s not like anyone is actually going to care,” Dade denounced protest and advocacy. Claudia was sympathetic to his opinion; why... more
        • That might be best - Dade, Sat Dec 30 09:05
          Again, it appeared that Claudia was being particularly polite about this ridiculous situation, calling this sort of thing a matter of ‘personal preference’. Personally, Dade did not care about the... more
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