Shall I do it for you?
Wed Dec 27, 2017 06:14

“Why would you force everyone to look at pay attention to one thing? It’s not like anyone is actually going to care,” Dade denounced protest and advocacy. Claudia was sympathetic to his opinion; why would it matter whether everyone believed exactly what you believe?

“Well mostly I agree with you,” she acquiesced. “Most causes, like this one, seem to be just a matter of personal preference.” She glanced over her shoulder at the fifth year, an expression of distaste apparent on Claudia’s face. “Some people will always find some fault, or something to fix.” Claudia herself found problems everywhere, but as long as she solved them for herself, she did not often feel compelled to solve them for others.

The point that Dade made about bothering people and making them annoyed seemed ironic; admittedly he had probably been annoyed by Myffi in the first instance, but then he’d been rude to Claudia and bothered her instead. It was a cycle, or maybe hierarchy, she couldn’t be sure, of bothering people. So while she understood his point, Claudia would confess she didn’t think it would matter to Dade whether or not he caused other people any bother or annoyance.

Continuing to talk when it was polite to do so while she carefully consumed her meal, Claudia speculated that she was only vocal about her own moral values when they were slandered in front of her by an individual. Even then she was as likely to flee as to fight (perhaps more likely to flee, if she was being entirely honest). “I don’t like confrontation,” she explained to Dade, “and I don’t need everyone to share my opinions. But even so there are some causes that might encourage me to speak out in their support or defense. Not like this,” she hastened to add, gesturing with her fork to the discarded menu, “but in a more refined manner.” For example, about all students being properly clothes while on school premises, or the concept of ensuring the continuation of magical bloodlines by carefully considered unions.

“What about if there was something that you felt really mattered, that was being flouted and blatantly disregarded in front of you?” She wasn’t seeking any specific information; merely engaging in a conversation of hypotheticals, and she felt her tone and approach aptly conveyed this. “Would you feel compelled to argue?”

  • It seemed like Claudia was more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt than Dade was, which was to say that she was considering it at all. Dade usually didn’t make excuses for people like... more
    • Shall I do it for you? - Claudia, Wed Dec 27 06:14
      • That might be best - Dade, Sat Dec 30 09:05
        Again, it appeared that Claudia was being particularly polite about this ridiculous situation, calling this sort of thing a matter of ‘personal preference’. Personally, Dade did not care about the... more
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