Emmett Lawrence
Morning rush
Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:07

Emmett did not eat dinner last night. Some way or another, eating had just completely slipped his mind. This was abnormal for Emmett, who, as a fairly typical teenage boy, was generally quite fond of food and stayed very attentive to his hunger.

This morning, he was so hungry that the sensation woke him up. This part was not particularly unusual, but the strength in which the waves and waves (and waves) of hunger pains flooded his core was enough to simply devastate him. The Lyra threw on the first clean clothes he could find, which turned out to be grey sweatpants and a maroon t-shirt, as he discovered while his eyes focused, and headed down to the Finer Diner with such urgency that he didn’t even realize he forgot to put socks on before sticking his feet into his sneakers.

In the Diner, he acquired as much food as he could and plopped down at his usual table. For awhile he wore down the mountains of eggs and bacon and pancakes in undisturbed bliss, but as he moved onto his third or fourth plate, Emmett noticed that somebody had sat at his table. He frequently ate meals with his friends, so it wasn’t completely surprising or anything, but when he looked up, he noticed the face did not match the location. “That’s Holland’s seat,” he stated matter-of-factly, although he had not checked a clock today or else he might have realized it was quite a bit earlier than he ever met up with his friends. Perhaps it didn’t matter, since an awareness of the time would probably not have changed his defensiveness of his best friend’s spot, but at least he would have known what an idiot he probably sounded like. (A common theme in his life, really.)

    • Fancy Rushing You Here - Hunter Ioma, Sat Dec 30 23:20
      Hunter had always been an early riser, and when fairly early in the term he realized he could get in some time on his broom in the morning before his first class he had quickly gotten into the habit... more
      • It's not that fancy in here. - Emmett, Wed Jan 3 15:50
        He hadn’t said it in a rude way, but Emmett almost immediately regretted what he’d said. It occurred to him now, glancing around slightly and landing his gaze on a clock, that Holland probably... more
        • Excuse you we are the fanciest - Hunter, Wed Jan 3 20:18
          ”They’re invisible all the time, just for fun.” Hunter blinked, looked back to Emmett, then back to where Holland probably was, then blinked again. Then he blinked again and said “Wait. Wait wait... more
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