That might be best
Sat Dec 30, 2017 09:05

Again, it appeared that Claudia was being particularly polite about this ridiculous situation, calling this sort of thing a matter of ‘personal preference’. Personally, Dade did not care about the personal preference of someone that much older than him who he wasn’t friends with. As far as he knew, Rose wasn’t good friends with her either. Of course, Dade was pretty sure that the only person Rose was good friends with was her roommate Marissa, and that was including (or rather, discluding) the guy she was dating. Regardless, Claudia was being particularly nice about the situation and it made Dade a little uncomfortable, but at the same time, Claudia’s calm was making him more calm and removed from the situation. It seemed a bit silly now, to get worked up over someone else’s personal problems. Maybe if Remington had this sort of thing going on he might care, but now the whole thing seemed a bit distant.

Dade took another bite of his breakfast.

Claudia’s question gave him pause, though. Was there something that Dade really cared about enough to cause this much of a fuss? He suspected there wasn’t. He cared about - well, he cared about being good in class, but he wasn’t about to fuss if someone else was better. Dade would work hard to beat them and in the case he couldn’t beat them he might consider some sort of well-timed sabotage, but he wouldn’t do something like this over it. And Dade supposed he cared about Remington, but Remington didn’t seem like something to make a fuss over either; she was a person, not a cause. When it came to causes, Dade was relatively apathetic. Since he didn’t consider animals to be sentient, animal rights wasn’t a cause that could result in him taking action. He believed that Muggleborns should be considered equal to purebloods, but he didn’t even care enough to argue with Connor when that came up between them.

“I don’t believe in causes,” Dade said flatly. “So I don’t think that would happen. So I guess that I wouldn’t argue, because it wouldn’t happen like that.” he paused. “I don’t mind confrontation,” and he didn’t; if he had before, his roommate situation had changed that. “I just don’t think there’s anything worth arguing about like that.”

  • Shall I do it for you? - Claudia, Wed Dec 27 06:14
    “Why would you force everyone to look at pay attention to one thing? It’s not like anyone is actually going to care,” Dade denounced protest and advocacy. Claudia was sympathetic to his opinion; why... more
    • That might be best - Dade, Sat Dec 30 09:05
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