Professor Samuel Boot
Prospective Students' Day [all prospective students welcome!]
Sat Dec 30, 2017 16:07

Samuel Boot was thoroughly buried in the Leprechaun Uprising of 1681 when the house-elf appeared. After taking a moment to question his new companion on the merits of Oswald the Obtuse’s approach to quashing leprechaun rebellion, Boot was unhappily informed that he was to report to the Pearl Street elevator to assist with the prospective students.

Prospective students were not things that Boot usually contemplated. He was perplexed for a moment and shook his head to dislodge some stray thoughts. Somewhere between a paper on leprechaun mining strikes and goblin torture techniques, he did recall something about prospective students. He had accidentally done a good job with herding them around last term and the cheery Headmaster had decided that he was to do it again. Inexplicably, the man had also sent a gift basket to Boot’s office. The gift basket was now in a box under a pile of books about the Leprechaun Uprising of 1691. This leprechaun uprising was distinct from the Leprechaun Uprising of 1681 in a number of ways, which Samuel Boot was more than happy to elucidate for the next person who cared to know. Or perhaps someone who didn’t. Boot could never really tell.

It was possible that the house-elf had been instructed to make sure that he made his way to the appropriate spot without getting lost or distracted. Although Boot had been at RMI for untold and uncounted ages, he was known to wander in the wrong direction on occasion and end up explaining things in great detail to some of the more sentient plants in Arthur Bennett’s greenhouses. The plants rarely contributed much to the conversation, but Boot still found them to be quite pleasant.

The house-elf was the focus of rambling chatter as Boot absent-mindedly collected his shoes from around the office. They looked the same to the uninspired outsider, but Boot understood the difference between each and every one, and not just because they were all the left shoe.

Finding a shoe for his right foot just as he began explaining how Knarr the Conniving played a part in the initiation of the 1691 Leprechuan Uprising (he had only a small role in the 1981 uprising. Or so they were told. Boot would not have been surprised if the historical record was deceiving on that particular note), Boot found himself hurried along. The elf insisted they were running late, which was nonsense of course. There was no reason they would be running late. There was nowhere for the prospective students to go. He would know.

But unlike leprechaun uprisings, prospective students were not things that Samuel Boot tended to notice. He tripped over one, in fact, before he realized that his escort had left and that he had been discussing leprechaun battle tactics with thin air. How disappointing.

“You should try leading an uprising,” he informed the prospective student offhandedly, before wandering in the direction of the theater-man who was to lead the tour.

It took Boot by surprise when the tour began, as he had detoured and begun explaining to another prospective student (they were so small, when had they gotten so small? Were they miniaturizing first years for storage space?) the details of the Battle of Ceallaigh Way. He reduced the volume of his voice and kept whispering to the prospective student until a parent hustled the student away. Left alone, Boot managed to wander along with the crowd, only getting distracted once by a painting that challenged him to a duel. Aside from a few pointers about RMI (where the kitchens were, the quickest way to the greenhouses, how best to avoid the lethifolds that crept along the corridors at night, etc), Boot mostly kept to himself along the tour, letting the theater-man do all the boring things.

They finally looped back around to the Finer Diner, where Garen took the parents off to somewhere and Boot was left with a small group of potential students that still had not managed to do anything interesting. But there was milk, cookies, and a small selection of fruits available on one of the longer tables, so Boot supposed that he could let the children entertain themselves again.

“Each of you enjoy a snack and then work together to construct a well-planned uprising,” he directed them before smiling vaguely and wandering off to a corner of the room where he could mutter to himself to his hearts content.

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    • ...Can this be right? - Inga Berzina, Tue Jan 16 23:19
      Inga was, to say the least, upset. She had always known about magic (despite her muggle father) but in her experience magic was the crackling of fire on the solstice, the earthy smell of mushroom... more
    • So magic is real - Keith Allen, Sat Jan 6 10:48
      Keith had always heard Dad talk about magic, but the almost eleven-year-old had assumed it was hyperbole. Mom still had poo-pooed those claims of magic her ex-husband made, but here Keith was... more
      • So are the cookies - Jesse Keller, Tue Jan 9 05:37
        Jesse’s shoes were super shiny. They were his regular school shoes - black lace-ups that rubbed a little on his left baby toe by the end of the day - but cleaner than usual. He had been staring at... more
        • Well cookies are always real, right? - Keith, Tue Jan 9 21:19
          Keith was thoroughly enjoying his M&M cookie when he heard a voice ask if it was good. The prospective student looked over at a taller boy. He was about to respond when the kid decided to try one... more
          • That’s what they want you to think - Jesse, Thu Jan 11 08:20
            The blond boy waited until Jesse decided to take a cookie for himself before he answered that they were good. That seemed strange. Maybe the cookies weren’t good, but seeing as Jesse had decided to... more
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      • Come into the warmth! - Russell Drew, Tue Jan 2 20:55
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    • Ugghhh, would it kill to serve some ice cream? - Susan Bradby, Tue Jan 2 03:17
      If it were possible for rage to rise in fumes, as they do in Muggle cartoons, one might have noticed vapours rising from Susan's nostrils. Or perhaps sweat becoming steam and hissing out of her... more
      • You can’t even handle milk - Heather Bartel, Tue Jan 9 20:49
        Heather capital-L Loved being a Prefect. She loved being officially in charge of all the younger students and she loved having that shiny, authoritative badge pinned to her robes. Plus it was going... more
        • But, but... ice cream..! - Susan Bradby, Mon Jan 15 23:49
          Susan was visibly relieved when the older girl did not react badly. It was such a relief when she proceeded to clean up the mess with her wand. Oh she was liking RMI already! Susan was not a... more
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        • Elevators, obviously - Hunter, Fri Jan 12 19:29
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