Hunter Ioma
Fancy Rushing You Here
Sat Dec 30, 2017 23:20

Hunter had always been an early riser, and when fairly early in the term he realized he could get in some time on his broom in the morning before his first class he had quickly gotten into the habit of getting up even earlier and bringing his broom to breakfast with him.

This made mornings a bit lonely, since almost no one else was up. It was definitely worth it to be able to spend time flying around outside, but when he came into the diner and saw Emmett already there the eager twelve-year-old didn’t hesitate to join him with a cheery wave. He was just starting to load some eggs onto his plate and smiled at the older Lyra when he glanced over.

“That’s Holland’s seat.”

Hunter blinked and looked quickly around the diner. He didn’t think he had seen Holland yet that morning. He would have noticed probably, as Holland tended to stand out.

“Are you sure?” asked the puzzled youngster. “Are they invisible?” The sudden thought of that possibility had Hunter’s eyes wide as saucers. “Are the older students learning invisibility? That would be so cool!”

Glancing around the diner again, Hunter gathered his broom and partially laden plate and swiftly shifted over one seat to the left. “Sorry Holland,” he called out in the general direction of the seat he had just vacated. “I didn’t mean to take your seat.” Stifling a giggle he amended “I didn’t see you there.”

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    • Fancy Rushing You Here - Hunter Ioma, Sat Dec 30 23:20
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