You certainly are
Sun Dec 31, 2017 00:23

There was no recognition in the younger boy’s response to Nolan introducing himself. Then he followed up by answering the question about his name in probably the weirdest way possible. Nolan had no idea what Sam was talking about. Rhyming words and what Nolan guessed was a Muggle book? Nope. The mention of rhyming words seemed to imply that it was poetry, which was the genre that Nolan had read the most. He’d read some poetry anthologies by Muggle authors, but he’d never heard of anything called Green Eggs and Ham.

“Not familiar,” he said, feeling sort of awkward. Nolan had read both poetry that rhymed and free-form poetry, and he liked both all right. Free form was usually more emotional, he thought, but rhyming was prettier. It was a toss up. As long as the rhymes actually made sense. Some poems did things like rhyme “rain” with “again,” but that wasn’t how people talked, so it annoyed Nolan. He said “again” so that it rhymed with “win,” not so that it rhymed with “rain.” He was pretty sure that no one in the twenty-first century pronounced “again” to rhyme with rain or pain or train.

Anyway there was no reason why green eggs (sounded gross) and ham (was the ham green too? Super gross) should make Sam try the sausage gravy, but Nolan wasn’t too fussed about the reason why Sam would try it. The point was that he would get it. Sausage gravy was a universal thing that everyone should like.

Sure enough, Sam confirmed that the gravy was good. Well, all right, he said “not bad,” and that wasn’t quite the same thing, but still. Nolan couldn’t concede the point about white sauces. White sauces were delicious—alfredo, white cheddar, béchamel—mmmm. If you didn’t eat things with flour in them, then what could you eat anyway? Bread had flour and bread was the best. Why would you not eat bread? And pasta. Pasta was also awesome. Not quite as good as bread but still.

Now he was being offered black pudding. Nolan still wasn’t totally sure what it was, but he was hardly going to back down from a new food offer. If it was also called sausage, it was probably meat, and he would probably like it. Nolan liked most meats. “Sure, I’m game.” Ha. Wordplay. Game as in animals that you hunted, which might be in the sausage. Pudding. Whatever. “Is black pudding, like, a big thing where you’re from?” Nolan was still guessing England, but he realized he didn’t know for sure. Sam hadn’t given his last name, so he couldn’t use his knowledge of pureblood families (if Sam was one) to help him.

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    • You certainly are - Nolan, Sun Dec 31 00:23
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