Grayson Ioma
I guess this will do
Mon Jan 1, 2018 21:44

Grayson had never been very good at self-deception, and so unfortunately it came as no surprise when he received an acceptance letter to Rocky Mountain International. He had been half hoping all the strange things that had been happening around him were explainable oddities, or at the very least his older brother, Hunter. But when Hunter went off to this “school of magic” and the odd things didn’t stop happening, the scrawny ten-year-old was forced to face the reality that he was to be plagued with magic of his own.

Now that he was eleven, Grayson was less distressed at the idea of magic than he had been. While he probably would have been very happy to ignore Hunter’s magic and spend his life buried in math and science, as he had in school so far, he had to admit the thought of learning something entirely new was kind of exciting. And hearing Hunter talk about the classes reassured the freckled brown-haired boy that there might be some rhyme and reason behind the madness.

Hunter seemed to really love it at RMI though, and that was potentially a problem. It wasn’t that Grayson didn’t get along with his older brother, it was just that they didn’t have that many overlapping interests, and when one of them liked something the other tended to dislike it, and vice versa. So rather than instantly say yes as his brother had when their parents asked if he wanted to go, he had wanted to see the place for himself, first.

So now here he was, getting a tour of a secret underground school of magic. He wasn’t sure if it was unimaginably absurd, or the most amazing thing that had ever happened to him. He was forced to wonder if it was possible for it to be both.

Eventually they came back to the diner which… was also a train? Again Grayson couldn’t tell if it was amazing or absurd and was forced to consider that it might be both.

“Each of you enjoy a snack and then work together to construct a well-planned uprising.”

Grayson boggled and watched the old man totter off to a corner, muttering to himself the whole way. Come up with a plan to seize control of the secret underground magical stronghold? What a truly, utterly, completely fascinating concept.

Forgetting the snacks completely, he turned to the prospective next to him and mused aloud “I suppose the most important thing in a place like this is to make sure nobody could escape, yeah? Probably any plan to take control should start with blowing up that elevator we came in on, don’t you think?”

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    • ...Can this be right? - Inga Berzina, Tue Jan 16 23:19
      Inga was, to say the least, upset. She had always known about magic (despite her muggle father) but in her experience magic was the crackling of fire on the solstice, the earthy smell of mushroom... more
    • So magic is real - Keith Allen, Sat Jan 6 10:48
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      • So are the cookies - Jesse Keller, Tue Jan 9 05:37
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        • Well cookies are always real, right? - Keith, Tue Jan 9 21:19
          Keith was thoroughly enjoying his M&M cookie when he heard a voice ask if it was good. The prospective student looked over at a taller boy. He was about to respond when the kid decided to try one... more
          • That’s what they want you to think - Jesse, Thu Jan 11 08:20
            The blond boy waited until Jesse decided to take a cookie for himself before he answered that they were good. That seemed strange. Maybe the cookies weren’t good, but seeing as Jesse had decided to... more
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    • Ugghhh, would it kill to serve some ice cream? - Susan Bradby, Tue Jan 2 03:17
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      • You can’t even handle milk - Heather Bartel, Tue Jan 9 20:49
        Heather capital-L Loved being a Prefect. She loved being officially in charge of all the younger students and she loved having that shiny, authoritative badge pinned to her robes. Plus it was going... more
        • But, but... ice cream..! - Susan Bradby, Mon Jan 15 23:49
          Susan was visibly relieved when the older girl did not react badly. It was such a relief when she proceeded to clean up the mess with her wand. Oh she was liking RMI already! Susan was not a... more
    • I guess this will do - Grayson Ioma, Mon Jan 1 21:44
      • Treats and rebellion, what's not to like? - Casper Levine, Wed Jan 10 11:07
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        • Elevators, obviously - Hunter, Fri Jan 12 19:29
          "Maybe just, like, incapacitate it rather than blowing it up?" Grayson tilted his head as he thought about that. “What’s wrong with extreme? It’s an uprising, after all. On the other hand...” The... more
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