Tue Jan 2, 2018 12:37

Marley’s ramblings did little to help her understand the situation and so Alena had become rather distracted by the parakeet. She wondered if Marley would let her stroke it, or better she could teach Alena the spell so she could make parakeets too, Alena wasn’t much good at transfiguration but she might be able to improve with some patient tutoring. Perhaps, Marley wasn’t the best candidate then, although she might have a studious friend who could help Alena out, the Lyra would be willing to pay someone for their time. This she realised was actually a rather good idea, and so made a mental note to put up a flyer in the common room seeking a tutor. It would be much less embarrassing to leave a note than to have to approach people in person...but everyone would know she was so stupid she needed help if she put the note up. Alena was just rethinking her plan when she realised Marley was still talking and still very upset, as she watched the tears dripping down Marley’s face, Alena knew she ought to get to the bottom of the girls distress.

With some reluctance she snathced up a flyer, she wasn’t sure she wanted to know what could evoke such a strong reaction from someone usually so upbeat but Alena had approached Marley intending to help so she had to follow through now. She began to scan through the flyer with worried eyes and a frown formed on her face. It didn’t take long for her to understand Marley's meltdown, and she quickly wished she’d chosen to stay at her table doing her correspondence. Sometimes it really was better to mind your own business but it was too late now, her ignorance was gone and now she didn’t know how she’d ever eat again. She hadn’t known to be worried about chemicals in her vegetables or how mean everyone was to the animals. She didn’t think that much about what she ate, other than she shouldn’t eat too much or she’d get fatter and uglier. Yes, she’d often thought she should give up meat, like Benjamin but thinking about something was no good. You had to take action, but she never had. It was always easy to forget that the beef had once been a cute cow when it was all chopped and cooked on her plate. It had never even occurred to her that the milk and eggs she scoffed could be equally distressing for her furry friends. How could she have been so selfish?

She thought about the egg she had just eaten and pictured the little chick it could have become had her greedy mouth not damned the little baby to be boiled for her breakfast, then she pictured it’s mommy chicken all cooped up and her frown dipped even lower. She raised her hand to her lips, suddenly feeling a strong desire to empty the contents of her stomach. She was tainted. All those chemicals and sad animals she had eaten!

“I don’t understand,” she eventually whispered, “why would people do this?” Who knew what sort of nasty chemicals she had inside her, why would RMI allow this to happen? Did her papa know, and was the food she consumed at home equally tainted? Again she looked at Marely’s parakeet, but this time she wasn’t thinking about how lovely it was but rather the sad state that all those chickens existed in and her part in it all, the knot in her stomach got greater. Feeling rather like crying herself now, she turned to the person she’d come to comfort and asked for guidance, “I never thought...I don’t know how to make it ok.” She sniffed violently and held out her hand to stroke the parakeet, it looked like a soothing activity and Alena couldn’t think what else to do. She did know that she definitely didn’t deserve a crup puppy. She probably shouldn’t have Louis either. He deserved a better owner, one who didn’t allow the murderer and imprisonment of helpless little animals.

  • This is too far gone for eggs! - Marley, Sat Dec 9 00:58
    Putting her yogurt the yogurt that sad hurting cows had been forced to make by some rude company and that she definitely didn’t want anything to do with anymore back into the carton turned out to be... more
    • Agreed. - Alena, Tue Jan 2 12:37
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