Russell Drew
Come into the warmth!
Tue Jan 2, 2018 20:55

Russell still didn't have a clue how he had been made Prefect. From what he understood, the main function of Prefects was to serve as role models to other students. But there were a few problems with that.

First of all, his grades were decent, but not spectacular. Secondly, he wasn't good at the whole 'punishment' thing. He was expected to at least deduct points when he caught students out past curfew, but that was hard! His preferred method was instead to offer a tentative "You know you're out past curfew, right?" and then ramble a bit about why curfews existed and how important they were to follow etcetera until the offending student left. Thirdly, he was literally a mess and didn't deserve to be in charge of other students. Especially younger students. But here he was.

Fingers fidgeting along the hem of his polo shirt, Russell stood awkwardly in the doorway of the Finer Diner. Professor Boot had just greeted the prospective students, well, kind of, if instructions to revolt counted as a greeting. Then the Professor had wandered off. So now what was Russell supposed to do? The other Prefects were all, like, proper teenagers and good at being sociable and gosh, he couldn't do this. He was just the disabled kid. His only friends were his pet mouse and Marissa. And sometimes Holland and Maverick. And-- was that a student in the hallway?

"Hello?" Russell walked over to the younger girl. "Umm, do you need any help finding anything? Everyone's meeting in the Diner for snacks."

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    • Come into the warmth! - Russell Drew, Tue Jan 2 20:55
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