It's not that fancy in here.
Wed Jan 3, 2018 15:50

He hadn’t said it in a rude way, but Emmett almost immediately regretted what he’d said. It occurred to him now, glancing around slightly and landing his gaze on a clock, that Holland probably wouldn’t be around for a while and it wouldn’t matter if someone wanted to sit in their seat, especially Hunter. The younger student was someone Emmett knew from Quidditch, and he thought he was okay if not a bit overeager. In a lot of ways, Hunter reminded him of himself when he was younger, until Holland had swooped him under their wing and rescued him from himself.

Hunter’s immediate jump from This is Holland’s Chair to Holland is Invisible was nothing if not amusing, especially the way he spoke to invisi-Holland and giggled to himself. As the only member of his year in the friendgroup (get wrecked, Russell) and the littlest brother in his family, Emmett was used to being the youngest, so anytime he got to interact with people who were significantly younger than him, it was an interesting time. He did somewhat like being the Older Person™, although he wasn’t sure he could handle it for too long without caving under the pressure of being in charge. But then again, he had mostly done well during the babies project last semester, and he’d been a single parent to Sonny due to the incompetence of his “partner”. So maybe he could manage. He hadn’t killed Cocoa Puff yet, in any case. His puffskein was his new child.

In the interest of not breaking a child’s imaginative little heart, Emmett decided to go with this little game Hunter had decided to play. “Yeah, man, of course!” he enthusiastically responded. “Holland is super good at that stuff. They’re invisible all the time, just for fun.”

  • Fancy Rushing You Here - Hunter Ioma, Sat Dec 30 23:20
    Hunter had always been an early riser, and when fairly early in the term he realized he could get in some time on his broom in the morning before his first class he had quickly gotten into the habit... more
    • It's not that fancy in here. - Emmett, Wed Jan 3 15:50
      • Excuse you we are the fanciest - Hunter, Wed Jan 3 20:18
        ”They’re invisible all the time, just for fun.” Hunter blinked, looked back to Emmett, then back to where Holland probably was, then blinked again. Then he blinked again and said “Wait. Wait wait... more
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