Excuse you we are the fanciest
Wed Jan 3, 2018 20:18

”They’re invisible all the time, just for fun.”

Hunter blinked, looked back to Emmett, then back to where Holland probably was, then blinked again. Then he blinked again and said “Wait. Wait wait wait. Wait.”


Between each “wait” he shifted his attention between Emmett and Holland. There might have been more “wait”s than that. Hunter said “wait” a lot of times, though.


Back to Holland now, he said “All the time? First of all, that’s awesome. But secondly, how many other people could be invisible right now? Could we be surrounded by invisible people and not know it? I mean I would have thought I would have heard them but that chair hasn’t moved at all so it’s obviously way sneakier than I think. Which is awesome, but also what if the room is full of invisible people and then we have to fight them?”

Hunter got quickly out of his chair with a loud scrape, took a step away from the table, and pulled his wand out of his pocket, though didn’t raise it just yet. Squinting very slightly, Hunter surveyed the diner. It looked super empty, but he suddenly had to question that appearance. If there were a bunch of invisible people running around they were probably other students, and he wouldn’t want to hurt them or anything. But for some reason, if there were a bunch of invisible people, he felt like he needed to know right now.

Blinking once more Hunter raised his spruce wand and with a wave at the bulk of the diner shouted “Finite!

Nothing happened.

Eyes wide, Hunter looked right at Holland’s seat and murmured “Wow… you are good.”

  • It's not that fancy in here. - Emmett, Wed Jan 3 15:50
    He hadn’t said it in a rude way, but Emmett almost immediately regretted what he’d said. It occurred to him now, glancing around slightly and landing his gaze on a clock, that Holland probably... more
    • Excuse you we are the fanciest - Hunter, Wed Jan 3 20:18
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