Nods, yep. That’s me. Thank you!
Fri Jan 5, 2018 07:44

The longer Satveer stayed in school, it clearer it got that not many wizards spent much time around muggles or their ways. Nolan’s declaration of his unfamiliarity with, what Satveer thought to be, an American staple of muggle reading materials, furthered his point.

Having now tried the American’s dish of choice and the fortuitous, previously unrecognised, availability of Black Pudding, it was now Nolan’s turn for a foreign feast. The question of how did the kitchen know what to make for whom, Satveer had resolved to ask later.
“I guess it’s a big thing.” Satveer hesitated, “Well, not really big, but we have it for breakfast with a Full English. And you have to go to a butcher to get it rather than a supermarket.” He tailed off, looking skywards, thinking. “I think it was originally a way to not waste the animal. So it’s like the the blood and fat…” he continued quite casually explaining, “… mixed with oats and maybe grain, and stuff. I guess you could think of it as a sausage?” Satveer finished, aware that his intonation was reaching that of a stereotypical American teen talking about prom.

Satveer observed Nolan and the black pudding, but his eyes flitted toward the original leaflet that had gotten them talking. He glazed over and he quickly recalled his initial mindset “It’s a good job they don’t serve black pudding…” . Firstly, he didn’t even see the black pudding on the table, so what else had he missed?! Secondly, he recognised he’d gained a fairly predictable routine. He’d become boring in his food choices. His willingness and ability to try new foods was something of pride to Satveer… he’d become boring.
Thinking back over the last week, it was obvious the only variables that shaped his day were those set by others. When it came to Satveer’s choices (and this was generally around food), he picked the same boring foods (normally cereal, toast or a sandwich), or did the same activities. Nolan’s Seuss intervention resulted in Satveer having tried something new. Satveer couldn’t help but think that perhaps this was a practice he should further progress.

Satveer looked back at Nolan and seemingly interrupted the start of his retort. “Thank you” Satveer said gracefully. “My family have lived many places and I used to try different thinks, but since I’ve been here I have been so busy with lessons, I’ve gotten a little…” Satveer stuttered, thinking of the most appropriate words, “… lazy” he said with an affirming nod, “in my food choices. Your push made me realise this, so thank you.” Once he’d finished, Satveer took a slurp of his tea and smiled a reassured sort of smile.

  • You certainly are - Nolan, Sun Dec 31 00:23
    There was no recognition in the younger boy’s response to Nolan introducing himself. Then he followed up by answering the question about his name in probably the weirdest way possible. Nolan had no... more
    • Nods, yep. That’s me. Thank you! - Satveer, Fri Jan 5 07:44
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