Jesse Keller
So are the cookies
Tue Jan 9, 2018 05:37

Jesse’s shoes were super shiny. They were his regular school shoes - black lace-ups that rubbed a little on his left baby toe by the end of the day - but cleaner than usual. He had been staring at them, wondering if they had been cleaned with polish or a shoe shining charm, or both, and had almost missed his Mom squeezing his shoulder, dropping a kiss on his head and then leaving with the other grown-ups. Jesse watched her blonde-in-a-bottle hair retreating until it was out of sight, then looked back to his own surroundings. The Finer Diner was like a train. Jesse liked trains. He didn’t know what to make of the older Professor who had started telling him something about lethifolds during the tour - Jesse didn’t know what a lethifold was - but everything else he had experienced so far at Rocky Mountain seemed satisfactory.

Some of the other prospective new students had gathered around a table. Jesse slunk over to investigate, his shoulders unconsciously hunched, his super shiny shoes making scuffing noises as he neglected to properly lift his feet. He came to a stop next to a blond boy who was eating a cookie. It had m&ms in it. “Is it good?” Jesse asked. A cookie with m&ms in it was the sort of treat that his parents wouldn’t buy from a store, but sometimes his Mom would let them - Jesse and his two younger siblings - bake cookies in the school breaks. He thought that maybe one time she’d let them put m&ms in. It felt familiar.

Standing on tiptoe to see over the other students - he was maybe one of the taller people in the group anyway but there was a bunch of people all standing just right by the table so he couldn’t see its top without the extra inch he gained by standing on his toes - Jesse peered with dark brown eyes, a shade or three lighter than his dark brown hair, and in strong contrast with his very white skin, at the fruit and milk also laid out. A kid moved, and Jesse dropped back onto his heels, extra height no longer necessary. “I’ll try one,” he decided, and reached across to select the cookie with three green m&ms. It felt like a green day.

  • So magic is real - Keith Allen, Sat Jan 6 10:48
    Keith had always heard Dad talk about magic, but the almost eleven-year-old had assumed it was hyperbole. Mom still had poo-pooed those claims of magic her ex-husband made, but here Keith was... more
    • So are the cookies - Jesse Keller, Tue Jan 9 05:37
      • Well cookies are always real, right? - Keith, Tue Jan 9 21:19
        Keith was thoroughly enjoying his M&M cookie when he heard a voice ask if it was good. The prospective student looked over at a taller boy. He was about to respond when the kid decided to try one... more
        • That’s what they want you to think - Jesse, Thu Jan 11 08:20
          The blond boy waited until Jesse decided to take a cookie for himself before he answered that they were good. That seemed strange. Maybe the cookies weren’t good, but seeing as Jesse had decided to... more
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