Heather Bartel
You can’t even handle milk
Tue Jan 9, 2018 20:49

Heather capital-L Loved being a Prefect. She loved being officially in charge of all the younger students and she loved having that shiny, authoritative badge pinned to her robes. Plus it was going to look so completely fantastic on her resume when she applied to Healing programs. It would look even better if she became Head Girl during seventh year.

There wasn’t much competition, considering the other girls in her year. Myfanwy Owens was an absolute doll, but after that disgusting stunt with the flyers in the Finer Diner a couple months ago, Heather didn’t think Myfanwy was too darling to the staff. Except maybe Prof Bennett, because he was sponsoring her gardening club. Heather had no interest in spending her precious free time playing in the dirt, but she had mad respect for Myfanwy starting a whole new club in like, her first month at RMI. Susan Ober was Heather’s bestie, and she was the Draco Prefect, but she didn’t have great grades. It was such a tragedy because Susan was a total genius, but sometimes she just wouldn’t do the homework because she got distracted by reading something else academic. And Heather’s roommate, Kaye Packman, was absolutely not Head Girl material. That would really be an “inmates are running the prison” scenario.

So Heather was basically guaranteed the spot of Head Girl, and to make sure she got it, the fifth-year Aquila was going to do a fantastic job as a Prefect. That meant helping with the prospective students event. Heather showed up exactly on time, wearing her robes (badge in place!) over a yellow blouse and an asymmetrical two-tone skirt. As was the case with most of her outfits, she had thrifted everything. The pumps, which were black suede with rhinestone constellations, had been an especially excellent deal. Right now her hair was bright green, for the spring, but she was going blonde again as soon as she got home for the summer.
Heather was totally jazzed about today’s event. Being one of the first people to know about the crop of incoming first-years was an absolute must. And since Susan was a Prefect too, they could totally compare notes after the firstie family visit, in case Heather didn’t have time to get the deets on everyone.

She was distracted from scoping out the room by something cold and wet pouring into her lap. Heather squealed and hopped out of her seat, almost knocking over her bench. “Merlin!” she cried. Wait, but she was still representing the school here. Collecting herself, Heather drew her wand. She used one of the Healer-grade cleaning spells she had learned at her internship and scoured the beverage from her green skirt.

There. Much better. That settled, Heather looked to see who had spilled the milk on her. The tiny girl apologizing to her had sweat pouring down her face (ew) and was practically swimming in a robe embellished with lace and fur. One might look all right, but both? That was too much. No wonder the new student wanted to burn them. “That’d be a good call,” Heather agreed. “What made you pick lace and fur? I mean, honestly.” Talk about a fashion don't.

[OOC: written by Sophia.]

  • Ugghhh, would it kill to serve some ice cream? - Susan Bradby, Tue Jan 2 03:17
    If it were possible for rage to rise in fumes, as they do in Muggle cartoons, one might have noticed vapours rising from Susan's nostrils. Or perhaps sweat becoming steam and hissing out of her... more
    • You can’t even handle milk - Heather Bartel, Tue Jan 9 20:49
      • But, but... ice cream..! - Susan Bradby, Mon Jan 15 23:49
        Susan was visibly relieved when the older girl did not react badly. It was such a relief when she proceeded to clean up the mess with her wand. Oh she was liking RMI already! Susan was not a... more
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