Well cookies are always real, right?
Tue Jan 9, 2018 21:19

Keith was thoroughly enjoying his M&M cookie when he heard a voice ask if it was good. The prospective student looked over at a taller boy. He was about to respond when the kid decided to try one without his answer. Keith wondered why someone would ask a question but not wait for a response. The strawberry blonde nodded at the other boy and smiled. “It’s pretty good, M&M cookies are pretty decent no matter what.”

The almost eleven-year-old boy looked at the boy with darker hair and eyes. Keith himself was fair skinned, but his looks were also fair. The strawberry blonde hair he had was promised to darken to a more golden one if he took after his father but his hazel eyes were never going to change.

Keith finished his cookie and then nervously ran his hand through his hair making sure the part was still combed correctly to the left. “I’m Keith Allen,” he said holding out his hand for the other boy to shake. “What do you think of this place so far?” He figured he’d get a conversation started with a maybe fellow student. After all, Keith wasn’t one hundred percent sure his mother would allow him to attend a school for magic. In her mind magic was fake and his dad was off his rocker most days.

  • So are the cookies - Jesse Keller, Tue Jan 9 05:37
    Jesse’s shoes were super shiny. They were his regular school shoes - black lace-ups that rubbed a little on his left baby toe by the end of the day - but cleaner than usual. He had been staring at... more
    • Well cookies are always real, right? - Keith, Tue Jan 9 21:19
      • That’s what they want you to think - Jesse, Thu Jan 11 08:20
        The blond boy waited until Jesse decided to take a cookie for himself before he answered that they were good. That seemed strange. Maybe the cookies weren’t good, but seeing as Jesse had decided to... more
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