Casper Levine
Treats and rebellion, what's not to like?
Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:07

No one would ever have guessed that Casper's mother was the witch of the family given her hideously disproportionate amount of excitement upon him receiving his invitation letter to Rocky Mountain International, not to mention the number of questions she clearly felt it necessary to ask. Honestly, the woman was incessant. Casper would possibly have preferred to be accompanied to the prospective student day by his strong-but-silent father, but alas he was busy with meetings at work or, as his mother liked to put it, 'busy doing muggle things.' So there he was, quietly waiting with a group of other new students and their parents, while his mother chatted on to anyone who would listen (or could at least nod and smile in the correct places.)

Now, it wasn't that Casper was uninterested – far from it, in fact – it was simply that his mother was, generally speaking, so over-the-top that it made it difficult for anyone else around her to have any room for their own emotions. Amongst a new crowd of people, including a man Casper assumed to be one of the teachers (and seemed to be at the stranger end of the quirky scale), the dark-haired boy had to admit it was rather comforting to have his mother and her unremitting enthusiasm there to keep him company. The tour was, overall, quite enjoyable – Casper felt he learned a few things about the school, and he'd got to have a look around at his prospective classmates, too. There was even a chance he wasn't the shortest there, but it was potentially too soon to tell – he'd definitely spotted at least one other in the vertically challenged club, though.

At the end of the tour, the parents were hustled away elsewhere, and Casper felt his emotions for the first time that day and was a little overwhelmed by their presence. The students were offered sweet treats and what sounded like a suggestion to plot a rebellion, but Casper was satisfied with only the first part. He slid himself into a chair and reached across the table for a banana and an oatmeal cookie, before slowly pushing the banana back to where it had originated; the grapes on offer seemed a much more sensible choice for semi-public consumption.

With no warning whatsoever, the boy next to him offered his opinion on the uprising, suggesting they blow up the elevator. Casper tilted his head to the side in a pondering stance. "Sure?" he replied with uncertainty, "though it seems a little extreme." Not wanting to turn down any opportunity for potential new friends by disappointing them, however, Casper returned a suggestion of his own: "Maybe just, like, incapacitate it rather than blowing it up?"

Honestly, he just hadn't been prepared for this kind of conversation - what kind of teacher suggests that, anyway?

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    Grayson had never been very good at self-deception, and so unfortunately it came as no surprise when he received an acceptance letter to Rocky Mountain International. He had been half hoping all the... more
    • Treats and rebellion, what's not to like? - Casper Levine, Wed Jan 10 11:07
      • Elevators, obviously - Hunter, Fri Jan 12 19:29
        "Maybe just, like, incapacitate it rather than blowing it up?" Grayson tilted his head as he thought about that. “What’s wrong with extreme? It’s an uprising, after all. On the other hand...” The... more
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