That’s what they want you to think
Thu Jan 11, 2018 08:20

The blond boy waited until Jesse decided to take a cookie for himself before he answered that they were good. That seemed strange. Maybe the cookies weren’t good, but seeing as Jesse had decided to take one, the other boy didn’t want to say they were terrible. Although that would be a soon-transparent lie, because Jesse was about to find out for himself how they tasted. If the other boy wanted to offer an opinion, he should have done t when Jesse asked, not when he’d already made his mind up on his own. Maybe the other boy was contrary like that. Or maybe he’d just had his mouthful of cookie when Jesse had probably asked if they were good. That made more sense.

Jesse took a large bite of his cookie, some lose crumbs clinging to the corners of his lips while he chewed, remaining there as he made an “Mm” sound of approval, but soon being swept away by his tongue between mouthfuls. He silently debated whether ‘M&M cookies are pretty decent no matter what’ because maybe the dough could not be cooked through (although cookie dough tasted good, so would that matter?) or maybe there wasn’t enough sugar in the mix (although the candy had sugar in so that might still be okay) while both boys finished up their treats.

The other boy introduced himself as Keith Allen and held out his hand. Jesse wasn’t expecting as formal a greeting as a handshake but it felt rude not to return the gesture and he didn’t want his potential classmates to start out expecting him to be rude (they would inevitably think that eventually - everyone else did - but it would be nice not to start that way) so Jesse wiped his hand down his t-shirt - dark blue featuring a pale blue gorilla motif on the front - to get rid of any cookie crumbs, then shook Keith’s hand. “Jesse Keller,” he offered his own name in return.

“What do you think of this place so far?” Keith asked. It was a question with a broad scope; assuming Keith meant the whole of RMI that they had just toured, and not only the Diner (though this room alone had plenty to offer up for conversation), Jesse wasn’t sure how to condense all the thoughts he’d had since arrival into an answer. He thought the portraits were interesting, the practical lab smelled of caramel, he could wear other shoes here without his parents knowing, the older professor talked about rebellion too much for Jesse’s personal preference, and would they always have m&m cookies available?

“I’ve had a lot of thoughts,” Jesse replied. “Some of them good.” He decided to vocalise his most recent: “Do you think the scenery out the train windows gets darker at night time?”

  • Well cookies are always real, right? - Keith, Tue Jan 9 21:19
    Keith was thoroughly enjoying his M&M cookie when he heard a voice ask if it was good. The prospective student looked over at a taller boy. He was about to respond when the kid decided to try one... more
    • That’s what they want you to think - Jesse, Thu Jan 11 08:20
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