Elevators, obviously
Fri Jan 12, 2018 19:29

"Maybe just, like, incapacitate it rather than blowing it up?"

Grayson tilted his head as he thought about that. “What’s wrong with extreme? It’s an uprising, after all. On the other hand...”

The scrawny eleven-year-old tilted his head the other way and thought about it some more. Haven been given no other specifics, he’d have to assume the fearless leader of their uprising (this being the role he had chosen to assign the muttering old man who had given them the assignment) had meant to come up with a plan that could be put into action with what was available to them. Although blowing up the elevator had a number of advantages (less chance it could be repaired, burning wreckage would be a greater obstacle for incoming reinforcements, as a distraction for opponents inside, that sort of thing), Grayson realized that of course he didn’t have any explosives with him at the moment, and he wasn’t sure where around here he’d be able to find any ingredients.

He gave his head a vigorous shake, somehow managing to make his hair even more untidy than it had been. He hadn’t meant to trail off in thought like that. He didn’t want potential new friends to think he was absent-minded or anything like that.

“How would we incapacitate it? Maybe we could climb up into the shaft and figure out a way to break the cable?”

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