Myfanwy Owen
Super Sixth Year
Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:43

Summer had been really long, actually, and really hot, and although Myfanwy did like being outdoors, and the sunshine, she decided that maybe actually she didn’t like living in California. It was hard work, and everyone in her commune had really bonded together while she had been away at school, and Myffi didn’t feel like she really fit in there. Everyone was super nice, and they all made real efforts to get her to join in, which was just lovely, but also she couldn’t tell them all that much about school, because they were all Muggles and there were rules about that sort of thing, so she could tell her Mam and Dad and Cledan, but not Cledan’s boyfriend, even though Cledan was a witch so they would probably have to talk about that someday.

Anyway, the food had been amazing, at least. Everything was organic and fairtrade and there was loads of vegan food, and Myffi hadn’t gone even a little bit hungry one second that she’d been away from school, which was a massive change. Her job on Pearl Street totally helped, and the ArgiClub was just amazing, but still it was a challenge for Myffi to find appropriate meals at school, whereas at what she had reluctantly started to call ‘home’ there was just loads of food, and loads of people preparing food, and it was so easy. She’d also learned lots of new recipes, and how to grow new crops, and how to do fishtail braids, and some tips for brewing and distilling that she had written down to share with Ruben, and some songs about some things that didn’t really make sense if you thought about the lyrics too long. Anyway it was fun, but it felt like a long holiday, and aside from missing her family, Myffi was pretty chuffed to be back at RMI. It was nice to feel a normal temperature again without having to ask her Dad or sister to cast some cooling charms.

With more of a tan than she’d ever had in her life before, Myffi arrived to the feast in a swirl of orange handkerchief-hemmed dress, its miniature mirror embellishments reflecting flickering light from the bonfires all around the room. “Wow,” Myffi appreciated the sight aloud as she danced over to the Lyra bonfire and settled herself down, pulling her dark, fishtail-braided hair over her shoulder. Green eyes behind round, rose-gold-framed lenses surveyed the unusual layout of the Diner for the first time. Despite being in her sixth year, Myfanwy had only joined school the previous term, and had missed the Opening Feast; this was as new to her as to the tiny first year students all lined up with their dreamcatchers.

Oh, the Headmaster was all new as well. Myfanwy had heard there would be a replacement for Bonilla this year - she had liked the Head she’d met last year, but he hadn’t seemed all that interested in sustainably sourced food. Perhaps she would have more luck with Professor Morgan? Oh gosh he started talking! His accent clearly indicated he was from Wales, too! Myfanwy felt an immediate warmth towards their new Headmaster, and she smiled appreciatively throughout his introduction. She applauded for the new prefects, although she didn’t know any of them very well, and cheered for Rose and Holland, who were both Head Students and both just lovely people, they totally deserved it. “Well this year is starting off amazingly well,” Myffi commented cheerfully as the food began to arrive.

  • Lyra Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Sun Jan 14 11:33
    • Let's start already! - Susan Bradby, Thu Jan 18 22:15
      Susan was practically bubbling with joy. Things had turned out great. She was allowed to come to Rocky Mountain International… in America , she would be living all by herself like a grown-up and she... more
      • Starting already? - Hunter Ioma, Sun Jan 21 18:08
        Hunter was very happy to be back at RMI. It wasn’t that the wiry thirteen-year-old didn’t like being home. On the contrary, he was always very happy to be home to see his family. But by the end of... more
    • I’ve had better - Dardanius Dubois, Mon Jan 15 12:19
      Dardanius apprehended his seventh and final Opening Feast at RMI with less excited exuberance than usual. The year ahead was inevitably going to be enjoyable, but it was hard to avoid feeling... more
      • I've had worse - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jan 17 20:08
        Emmett had hoped that once - just once - he would portkey into the Finer Diner uneventfully. Much to his chagrin, however, his streak of flubbing it up lived long and prospered. The world swooshed... more
        • The worst is yet to come - Dardanius, Fri Jan 19 07:26
          Danny was already helping himself to a dish of couscous salad that looked like it was filled with grilled chicken and pomegranate as well as vegetables, when Emmett eloquently reignited the topic of... more
    • Oh happy day! - Marley Chapman, Sun Jan 14 18:11
      “Marley, come here!” “Yeah, I’m only gonna be a minu--” “Your owl got out again! Come here now .” “Ohmygod!” Lipgloss half-applied, Marley stuffed the pink tube into the pocket of her denim vest and... more
      • Happy days are here again - Holland Keene, Sun Jan 14 19:27
        For their last RMI opening feast, Holland Keene wore a Lyra green buttondown , fitted jeans, and strappy brown heels. Their short hair was charmed seafoam green, like it had been for the feast two... more
        • Kaloo, kalay! - Marley, Thu Jan 18 21:17
          It turned out that what the other elf had was grilled shish kebabs. Veggie kebabs, thank goodness, so she could actually eat them… well, mostly veggie, Marley amended as she took a second look at the ... more
          • Today can be frabjous, too - Holland, Sun Jan 21 00:08
            Holland frowned and ate their salad while Marley rambled out her reasoning for the school’s leadership positions. Marley’s point would be valid if the role of the Head Students was different.... more
            • As long as it's fabulously so - Marley, Thu Jan 25 14:45
              She hummed thoughtfully at Holland's suggestion. It was true that Marley had never seen any of the owls fly into the bonfires - but most of the owls here were bigger and probably older, too. Bludger, ... more
              • Frabjulous? - Holland, Thu Jan 25 21:58
                The Lyra girls’ dorm might not be the safest place for a small owl, given Kit’s large tarantula and Kit’s roommate’s cat. However, if Marley wasn’t concerned about potential predators, and Alice... more
    • Older, Wiser, Golden - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jan 14 15:25
      Summer had passed as something of a blur. Previous years were full of adventures and Satveer could recant many a tale of his family on the road. The nights under the starts. The new and exciting... more
      • I’m just golden? - Caleb Taylor , Mon Jan 15 13:03
        Caleb had been excited to start at his new school. His father had spent the better part of the start of the year researching good international magical schools. He wanted his four children to receive ... more
        • Golden and welcome - Satveer, Tue Jan 16 10:22
          No sooner did Satveer let slip his desire to eat, the resounding agreement of “Hear hear” was heard. To Satveer’s surprise, it wasn’t a voice he was familiar with. Though it wasn’t like Satveer was... more
          • Excellent - Caleb, Tue Jan 23 18:46
            The kid Caleb had managed to sit next to was invariably awesome. The older student laughed and wondered if Sam was foreign. Probably. “Nice to meet you, Sam,” the Lyra answered with a smile. “I am... more
            • I'm glad you noticed - Satveer, Fri Jan 26 11:10
              Satveer couldn’t help but smile when Caleb commented and then questioned him on his trainers. His trainers were without a doubt one of his favourite things he owned. To a bystander, the trainers were ... more
    • Super Sixth Year - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Jan 14 11:43
      • Do you have to rub it in? - Leopold Harris, Mon Jan 15 10:48
        When Leopold was growing up they moved around a lot. His mom hopped from state to state as if she was running from something. And maybe she was, she had left a string of no-good exes behind her. Then ... more
        • I don't HAVE to - Myfanwy, Tue Jan 16 16:00
          Honestly, Leo was always so grumpy, it was almost worth having a billiwig or two around just to sting a bit of cheer into him. If the ethics of casting a cheering charm on someone who didn’t want to... more
          • Ouch - Leopold, Wed Jan 17 08:45
            Leo wrinkled his nose. Watching Myffi pull out that little tub of gloop hurt his eyes. He didn’t want to know what it would do to his taste buds. He turned his attention to his burger, thankful for... more
            • Try looking on the bright side - Myffi, Fri Jan 19 06:29
              Just because Leo was grumpy all the time, it didn’t mean that other people couldn’t be happy all the time. Myffi could easily believe that Toby was, in fact, that happy. She could believe it more... more
              • You're asking a lot of me - Leo, Fri Jan 19 20:42
                Leo looked over at Myffi’s dinner in concern. He’d been interested in AgriClub for the mucking around, getting your hands dirty aspect. And like maybe it would be nice to actually see some results... more
                • I believe in you - Myffi, Sat Jan 20 08:21
                  “Do all these meals have to be super vegan, or is it cool to bring a bit of fish along once in a while?” Leo asked. Myffi paused to consider. They’d only had one meal before, and there hadn’t been... more
                  • Leo was surprised at how swiftly Myffi had accepted his non-vegan suggestion. He had really thought he was going to have to fight a bit harder for that one. Maybe she wasn’t as unreasonable as he’d... more
                    • That's what friends are for - Myffi, Thu Jan 25 06:39
                      Leo said he would probably come to Agriclub, and Myffi beamed with delight. She was glad she’d sat next to Leo. He didn’t seem so grumpy now as he had right at the start of their conversation. Maybe... more
                      • Then I guess we're friends now - Leo, Mon Jan 29 16:52
                        It wasn’t very often that Leo was the cause of someone’s smile, normally he was much more effective at causing people to scowl at him. In fact when Leo had first come to RMI he’d often got into... more
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