Nolan Ramsey
Wish I were home on the range
Sun Jan 14, 2018 14:43

Summer had always been Nolan Ramsey’s favorite season. The worst of tornado season was over in June, and then it was nothing but sun and long rides and good barbecue. Now that Nolan had to spend most of the year at RMI, stuck underground, summer was definitely the best season. He’d ridden his winged horse, Quintaped, for a few hours every day from the moment he got back to the Ramsey ranch until just before the portkey whisked him back to RMI on September 1st.

Quint had been pretty mad at him, probably for being away for so long, when Nolan got back to Oklahoma, but that had worn off after Nolan had brushed him for about an hour and fed him lots of little treats. The stablehands had done a fine job taking care of him in Nolan’s absence, but no one could take care of your horse the way you would.

The only downside of this summer was going to a lot of boring parties. Nolan didn’t mind wearing dress robes (even though he was more comfortable in jeans, tees, and flannels, which was what he had decided to wear to the RMI’s opening feast) but going to north of two formal events a week got really tiresome. Back before all the murder stuff, Nolan only had to go to like one or two parties a month, but now that he was pretty clearly going to be the Ramsey heir they had to start thinking about heir stuff. Nolan didn’t much like being obligated to care about those things (he’d rather be riding) and he was definitely not much for dancing (even with the magical prosthetic left leg) but some of the other people his age were all right. Thurmond Smith and Conrad Axwell were kind of fun to hang out with. As for the girls, he didn’t mind Eppie Hewitt. She liked horses and she didn’t like to dance.

Now he was back in Colorado. Because he’d transferred in after midterm last year, Nolan had never been to an RMI start of term feast. No one really explained anything, but the fifth-year saw the other Aquilas moving over to a bonfire that was the same colors as their Common Room, so he went there too. They were all sitting on the floor, which wasn’t the most comfortable position for Nolan but whatever, he could deal with that.

Nolan clapped when Camilla Reynolds went up to get her Prefect badge. It was probably fair for her to get it, since she’d been at RMI for longer than him and would probably be good at it and stuff.

He helped himself to chili and cornbread from a platter offered by a house elf, thinking over the speech he’d just sat through. “So do you think the new Headmaster actually wants us to call him ‘Toby’?” he asked the Aquila next to him. Nolan hadn’t had much to do with the last Headmaster and he didn’t think that was going to change with the new one, but Morgan did seem almost worryingly enthusiastic. “‘Cause that seems weird, using a professor’s first name. Disrespectful, like.”

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    • Wish I were home on the range - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Jan 14 14:43
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