Jesse Keller
Welcome and Feasting
Sun Jan 14, 2018 15:07

Here he was, then, at Rocky Mountain International again, and not just as a prospective student this time, but as an actually enrolled first year. Jesse was wearing his new (second-hand, but looked new enough) uniform robes and, concealed beneath them, some smart grey pants and a freshly pressed, dark green polo shirt. His black shoes, that would be rubbing on his left baby toe by the end of the day, were super shiny. His dark brown hair was similarly so, but cut shorter than he liked to wear it to make it more easy for him to manage while he didn’t have anyone else to help him take care of it. Not that Jesse needed help taking care of himself, he could wash his hair like any normal person, but he couldn’t cut it himself. Which was not usually a concern but school was a long way from home and they weren’t allowed to leave the premises until they were in third year. How was Jesse supposed to get a haircut while he was at school?

This, and thousands of other questions plagued him as the fair-skinned eleven-year-old stood amongst the small group of his new peers at his first of seven - if he stayed coming here and the school stayed open and they continued to have this start of year tradition - opening feats.

There was a cheerful man who wanted to be called Toby - it was always strange calling adults by their first names, unless it was accompanied by a familiar prefix such as Aunt Elspeth or Uncle Joe, didn’t their Headmaster know that? - welcoming them all. He asked the first years to take out their dreamcatchers; Jesse diligently obeyed and looked with interest as his turned the red and gold assigning him to Draco House. He joined the appropriately (in terms of House hues and the expected appearance of flames) colored bonfire and tried to listen to the rest of Headmaster Toby’s speech while he looked at the flames and the patterns they made with their own images shadowed temporarily on his retinas.

Then there was food. That was always a welcome sight to the round-faced first year, so he took dishes indiscriminately as they passed by, resulting in a chicken gyoza in his right hand and a bowl of clam chowder in his right. Unperturbed by the conflicting flavors, he took a bite from each, unaware that he was being addressed until the person beside him had finished speaking; then the absence of their voice alerted him to its having been present in the first place. One of the newest members in Draco swallowed his mouthful, and then asked, “Did you say something to me?”

  • Draco Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Sun Jan 14 11:33
    • Face as red as the fire - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu Jan 18 22:13
      Anssi’s summer break had been alright. He had gotten to spend a lot of time with Pappa and that was especially nice after having been away for a whole nine months. It was a bit weird too, though,... more
    • Apples to Apples - Remington, Wed Jan 17 18:18
      “And remember what your auntie told you about those prep school boys.” Remington sighed with a roll of her brown eyes, and she repeated, “Ain’t nobody got time for their white problems?” She’d... more
      • colors, colors everywhere - Inga Berzina, Thu Jan 18 17:39
        Inga was appalled by the dreamcatcher she had been given, it started beautiful and jet-black, and now it was this garish red and gold. Red AND gold?? She could put up with one color, but not two.... more
        • We're a colorful bunch - Remington, Sat Jan 20 23:33
          “Does everyone America wear this much color all the time? What is wrong with sensible black? Oh and thank you.” Well, that was certainly a first impression. Remington blinked a few times. She didn’t... more
    • Welcome and Feasting - Jesse Keller, Sun Jan 14 15:07
      • Greetings, first year. - Dylan Xavier, Sun Jan 14 16:23
        Dylan was back for his second year at RMI. He still thought wizards were completely barmy as a species, but he was starting to get used to it. So he'd packed up his bags, said goodbye to his parents... more
        • Salutations, second year - Jesse, Wed Jan 17 05:46
          The student next to him repeated their message of welcome (Jesse had to assume it was a repetition anyway, as he had missed the original installment, distracted by the food and the flames and the... more
          • Dylan gave the kid a wary look. Asking a barrage of questions then giving him permission to speak? Either Jesse was already well acquainted with wizarding culture and had already accepted madness as... more
            • No I'm just like this - Jesse, Fri Jan 19 06:52
              If Dylan was to be believed - and so far Jesse had no reason not to trust him - he would have a roomate, and it would be the boy with the K name that he had met already. The boy who had been eating... more
    • Time to get used to magic! - Keith Allen, Sun Jan 14 12:38
      Keith Allen stood in his Father’s kitchen clutching the dream catcher. Since Perspective Student’s day Keith had been given a crash course in the Wizarding World, and for once the scientifically... more
      • Getting used to new things can be difficult - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sun Jan 14 15:14
        The fifteen-year-old had to fight rolling his eyes as another screech rang through the walls of their home. For some reason, Norah couldn’t get it through her head that she wasn’t attending Rocky... more
        • Well that sounds unfun - Keith, Mon Jan 15 13:40
          Keith was surprised to see that he had just spoken to the newly minted fifth year perfect of his house. His dad had told him all about perfects and Keith was actually somewhat interested in becoming... more
          • Nonsense, challenges are fun! - Bryn, Tue Jan 16 16:50
            Bryn watched with a slight amount of amusement on his face as the other boy bit at his French fries. Clearly the kid wasn’t embarrassed that he had asked someone who obviously wasn’t a first year is... more
            • If you say so - Keith, Wed Jan 17 18:03
              The older boy introduced himself as Brynjolf and quickly added in his nickname. That was good because Keith wasn’t sure if he would remember the -jolf part of his name. Although he might because it... more
              • I do say so! - Bryn, Tue Jan 23 23:30
                Bryn was relived to hear that Keith did in fact know what Quidditch was. “That’s good,” he said, grinning. While it had taken the Draco some time to understand what the sport was, he’d been addicted... more
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