Brynjolf Nilssen
Getting used to new things can be difficult
Sun Jan 14, 2018 15:14

The fifteen-year-old had to fight rolling his eyes as another screech rang through the walls of their home. For some reason, Norah couldn’t get it through her head that she wasn’t attending Rocky Mountain that year. Just like her brother, Norah had the unfortunate circumstance of having a late birthday. Being born in December had its downfalls for Bryn, but his sister was only two weeks shy of the birthday she so desperately wanted and was making it well known that she was displeased with the fact that she had to wait.

The Nord was certainly dawdling in his room, messing with his clothes. For once, his sunglasses were tucked away, instead of perched on his head. Dark jeans, a striped white and grey shirt, and a well-worn pair of grey converse adorned his person and his school robes hung loosely from his shoulders. Really, he was trying to wait for a break in his ten-year-old sister’s rampage to say goodbye to his family. The Nilssen siblings had been equally as upset about their fate, they just showed it differently. When it seemed to be quiet for a while, Bryn left the shelter of his room with his trunk in hand, hoping that Norah had indeed calmed down.

His father and mother stood in the kitchen and there was a very red-eyed Norah sitting at the kitchen table. For a moment, the fifteen-year-old felt for his little sister. The goodbyes were short and Bryn tried his best not to make a big deal of it. Bryn waved to sister awkwardly before grabbing his trunk, saying a last goodbye as the colors of the room swirled around him.

The familiar and welcome sight of the Finer Diner was a delight. The din of noises from some of the others gathered were much more pleasant than what he’d been subjected to for most of the day, even is he could barely hear it. With a grin, the Draco headed over to the bonfire that he’d sat at for the last few years, settling in among those that were already there. Over the summer, the fifteen-year-old had grown a good few inches from what he had been, putting him at a solid five feet and seven inches. His weight still hadn’t caught up, but his appetite sure had and boy was he excited for the Opening Feast food. Or any food for that matter.

The new headmaster stood up and began his speech and Bryn craned his head a bit to be able to not only hear, but catch a glimpse of the movements of his mouth as well. Thankfully, the room was generally quiet when the speech was being given and everyone watched as the new students were sorted. Everything continued as normal, until the prefects were announced and the fifth year found himself shambling up to receive a pin. His ears burned under his shaggy blonde hair. Titles weren’t something he wanted and it heaped an extra responsibility onto the Draco. Regardless, he would do it because he didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t like there were any other fifth years that could do it.

After returning to the red bonfire, Bryn flopped back into some of the pillows and tried to ignore everything. That was until the scent of food met his senses and he shot back up. Being a growing fifteen-year-old meant he was pretty much always hungry and he couldn’t wait to eat. As a house elf passed with what seemed to be acceptable food, the fifth year took some with a polite nod and promptly stuffed some of it in his mouth. Hearing a student off to his right talking vaguely about not being a first year, Bryn turned his head towards one of the students who had just been sorted.

“What gave me away?” He responded after swallowing the food in his mouth. He quirked a grin at the person, eyes wrinkling a bit at the corners. “It’s how tall I am isn’t it.” Fork idly grasped between fingers, the Nord took another bite of food, chewing thoughtfully as he looked at the student.

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    • Getting used to new things can be difficult - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sun Jan 14 15:14
      • Well that sounds unfun - Keith, Mon Jan 15 13:40
        Keith was surprised to see that he had just spoken to the newly minted fifth year perfect of his house. His dad had told him all about perfects and Keith was actually somewhat interested in becoming... more
        • Nonsense, challenges are fun! - Bryn, Tue Jan 16 16:50
          Bryn watched with a slight amount of amusement on his face as the other boy bit at his French fries. Clearly the kid wasn’t embarrassed that he had asked someone who obviously wasn’t a first year is... more
          • If you say so - Keith, Wed Jan 17 18:03
            The older boy introduced himself as Brynjolf and quickly added in his nickname. That was good because Keith wasn’t sure if he would remember the -jolf part of his name. Although he might because it... more
            • I do say so! - Bryn, Tue Jan 23 23:30
              Bryn was relived to hear that Keith did in fact know what Quidditch was. “That’s good,” he said, grinning. While it had taken the Draco some time to understand what the sport was, he’d been addicted... more
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