Dylan Xavier
Greetings, first year.
Sun Jan 14, 2018 16:23

Dylan was back for his second year at RMI. He still thought wizards were completely barmy as a species, but he was starting to get used to it. So he'd packed up his bags, said goodbye to his parents and older brothers, all of whom were normal people who didn't have to deal with the madness that was wizardkind, and grabbed his portkey at the right time to make it to school. Leaving his luggage as directed, he took the elevator down to the diner and went right for the Draco fire this year.

He was glad to be a second year now, with some understanding and experience of the wizarding world under his belt. He was no longer the complete greenhorn that had been standing in the line of first years checking his dreamcatcher for his House a mere twelve months earlier. That seemed like forever ago to him now.

As one of the new first years sat at on a pillow near Dylan's, he gave the new kid a welcoming smile. The Headmaster finished talking, and Dylan collected some clam chowder with optimistic hope. He was from Connecticut, so he had high chowder standards, but the House Elves had impressed him before. He took a taste. Not bad. Not as good as Mom's of course, but not awful, for something made hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.

Satisfied that his food was adequate, he turned to his first year neighbor again. "Welcome to RMI," he said. "Everybody's mad here, but it's mostly a good mad," he promised. The new kid didn't seem to be listening, though. He did seem to at least realize he'd missed something, however. "I said, 'Welcome to RMI,'" he repeated, the first part of his statement anyway. "I'm Dylan, a second year, so if you need any help, I'd be glad to get you pointed in the right direction."

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    • Greetings, first year. - Dylan Xavier, Sun Jan 14 16:23
      • Salutations, second year - Jesse, Wed Jan 17 05:46
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            If Dylan was to be believed - and so far Jesse had no reason not to trust him - he would have a roomate, and it would be the boy with the K name that he had met already. The boy who had been eating... more
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