Holland Keene
Happy days are here again
Sun Jan 14, 2018 19:27

For their last RMI opening feast, Holland Keene wore a Lyra green buttondown, fitted jeans, and strappy brown heels. Their short hair was charmed seafoam green, like it had been for the feast two years ago. Holland’s dark brown roots matched their eyebrows and lashes, and conveniently provided the other House color for Lyra. Their makeup consisted of shimmery eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, peach blush, and nude lipstick, which overall was somewhat understated for them.

Holland had very little time to ponder the presence of a new Headmaster (why wasn’t DH Nanda the Headmistress now? Was that not the purpose of a deputy head?) before Headmaster Morgan said something that stood out to them. “This year we have two Head Students,” and that was not how the Head Boy and Girl were usually announced. It could just be that this Headmaster wasn’t using the specific titles, but—

But no, Holland was one of the Head Students. They got up (enough accustomed to four-inch heels that they could do so gracefully) and walked to the front of the room to accept the badge. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, because most of their yearmates had disqualified themselves for the position over the last few years. Marissa threw illicit parties, Danny had dueled Ruben, Ruben had fought just about everyone, and Maverick and the others didn’t exactly exemplify community leadership. Holland didn’t think they or Rose really did either, but they were both involved in various organizations around the school and had never been caught having a fight.

Returning to the bonfire with their pin, Holland grabbed the open seat next to Marley. They liked Marley, and it was also a strategic choice to not sit next to Danny. After talking to their mom about it for a while, Holland had reached the conclusion that they were only interested in Danny because he’d said he was interested in them. Holland was fairly sure that feeling left out because all of their friends were dating each other would only get worse if they wanted to be dating one of said friends, so it would’ve been a relief for that not to be true. But on the way back from getting their badge, Holland had seen Danny for the first time in months and that felt different now, so they weren’t sure anymore.

Unsurprisingly, Marley wasted no time in starting up a conversation, which conveniently occupied all of their attention. “Thanks, Marley,” Holland replied with a proud grin, serving themself a crab cake from the platter held by the house elf between them and Marley. “It’s a good way to start the year.” The plan for this year was to get into some of the colleges they wanted, complete their Animagus transformation, and not fight with any of their friends after a party. Being chosen as Head Student fit really well with that plan. “And it’s good to see that RMI is willing to abandon the gendered hierarchy of having Head Boys and Girls. That was a roadmap for putting unsuitable people into positions of power based on their gender.” The Prefect system was similary problematic, because by definition it gave authority to someone from the troublemaking House every year. It was possible that the administration would revert to the old Head Student system when there were no nonbinary candidates, but hopefully they would continue selecting the two best-suited students from now on.

“Oh, by the way, I love your skirt.” Holland had a lot of galaxy-printed clothing items. It was the most common theme in their wardrobe, second to humorous t-shirts about gender. “You should wear it to Astronomy. It’ll be on theme.” Marley had written to them about taking the subject and the possibility of them discovering aliens during class. Holland doubted that would be the case because the school’s charmed ceiling, despite being astronomically accurate, did not include air- and spacecrafts that were present in the real night sky. All the same, it was a nice idea.

As they added shaved brussels sprout and cranberry salad, to their plate, Holland noticed the occupied cage on the floor beside Marley. “You brought your owl to the feast?” they asked, bemused. They had received (and responded to) a few messages delivered by this owl over the summer. He seemed to be slightly inept and had crashed into their window and then dropped the letter in Holland’s pasta salad during his first delivery to the Keene house. Marley had written something about putting a treat in the envelope for Holland to reward the owl with, but there was no treat enclosed and a large hole in the envelope. Holland had never trained an owl, so they weren’t sure whether that was the best way to go about it, but they didn’t think it was working for Mister Sprockets.

  • Oh happy day! - Marley Chapman, Sun Jan 14 18:11
    “Marley, come here!” “Yeah, I’m only gonna be a minu--” “Your owl got out again! Come here now .” “Ohmygod!” Lipgloss half-applied, Marley stuffed the pink tube into the pocket of her denim vest and... more
    • Happy days are here again - Holland Keene, Sun Jan 14 19:27
      • Kaloo, kalay! - Marley, Thu Jan 18 21:17
        It turned out that what the other elf had was grilled shish kebabs. Veggie kebabs, thank goodness, so she could actually eat them… well, mostly veggie, Marley amended as she took a second look at the ... more
        • Today can be frabjous, too - Holland, Sun Jan 21 00:08
          Holland frowned and ate their salad while Marley rambled out her reasoning for the school’s leadership positions. Marley’s point would be valid if the role of the Head Students was different.... more
          • As long as it's fabulously so - Marley, Thu Jan 25 14:45
            She hummed thoughtfully at Holland's suggestion. It was true that Marley had never seen any of the owls fly into the bonfires - but most of the owls here were bigger and probably older, too. Bludger, ... more
            • Frabjulous? - Holland, Thu Jan 25 21:58
              The Lyra girls’ dorm might not be the safest place for a small owl, given Kit’s large tarantula and Kit’s roommate’s cat. However, if Marley wasn’t concerned about potential predators, and Alice... more
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