Leopold Harris
Do you have to rub it in?
Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:48

When Leopold was growing up they moved around a lot. His mom hopped from state to state as if she was running from something. And maybe she was, she had left a string of no-good exes behind her. Then Jeb had changed everything. Abigail had settled down with him in California and that was that. They moved out of their mobile home into a pokey apartment and she had been ecstatic. A real home she’d said. Leopold hadn’t agreed. He had enjoyed travelling up and down the country. Never staying in one place too long agreed with him, Leo had a habit of getting on people’s bad sides- fast. Moving around gave him no real incentive to change that, when you were going to wake up two states over in a few weeks you never had to deal with consequences. Maintaining this attitude may have been one of the many reasons RMI wasn’t working out for him. Yet despite how much RMI clearly sucked, when he went back to California for the holidays it never really felt like home.

However, when he’d found out he was being held back, Leopold had suddenly found a new appreciation for California and insisted on dropping out of school altogether. Anything was better than having to return and sit in a classroom with a lot of snot nosed kids. He’d been homeschooled before and his sister, Brandy continued to be taught at home. Why couldn’t he put his education back in his mom’s hands? It was the perfect solution.

Abigail Harris hadn’t agreed. She’d decided to bring down the hammer and Leo smelled Jeb’s influence all over it. He wasn’t allowed to play Quidditch anymore. His pocket money, which had never been bountiful had been cut down to almost nothing and worst of all his mom was expecting regular updates on his progress.

He hadn’t cried or anything but his eyes had stung with the injustice of it all. Leo didn’t accept that his current situation was entirely his fault- an opinion he’d expressed often and loudly. Abigail had kept the influence of magic in her children’s lives to a minimum and so it seemed to Leo that this was really all her fault. When he’d started school he’d already been behind, how was Leo supposed to catch up with all the purebloods floating around RMI like lords, when he’d never even heard of flo powder before the age of eleven? Besides, wasn’t it the job of the educators to inspire? Honestly, they were the ones who had failed Leopold and yet he was being punished. Clearly, the professors were biased against him. Abigail wasn’t taking any of his excuses and had just tossed around the usual rubbish about how “if only you would apply yourself”. Ugh. It was sickening. Really. Having to listen to that nonsense all summer. If it hadn’t been for the huge humiliation and everything, he’d almost be happy to be back at RMI staring at the flames and zoning out to another booring speech.

But humiliatiated he was and this wasn’t helped by the new close cropped haircut he was sporting in place of his usual long locks. Because his mom was starting to question her previous parenting approach she’d come to the conclusion that maybe a tidy appearance did equal better grades. There was a time when Leo would have told her how utterly ludicrous that was but he’d since learned to keep his mouth shut- couldn’t risk losing what was left of that pocket money. A naked neck wasn’t the only changed aspect of his appearance. During the last year his eyesight had deteriorated and it was recommended that he wear his glasses more frequently. Normally, Leopold wouldn’t hold too much weight to this advice but he might have told his mom that he’d not been wearing them and tried to place the blame for his failing education on that, rather than his general laziness. Worried that the school was now full of spies reporting home on him, Leopold was allowing the offensive frames to rest on his face for the time being but it was seriously affecting his mood. He rolled his eyes at the announcement of the new prefects and thought seriously about punching his old roommate Roger Reynolds in the face. Not because of any particular thing Roger had done but because the swotty boy had always just kind of bugged Leo and if there was a time to try getting expelled it was now. He was mulling this over when he heard a sound that made him grind his teeth.

“Well this year is starting off amazingly well.”

Sometimes Leopold thought Myffi Owens had been put on the Earth to test him. There was something about her that made him want to rip off his own ears. He turned to her sourfaced, “I really hope you're being sarcastic. Because I don’t see anything to be happy about. For a start the new head is a buffoon, and I never much liked the last one.” Leo then immediately ordered a beef burger, despite not being particularly hungry.

  • Super Sixth Year - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Jan 14 11:43
    Summer had been really long, actually, and really hot, and although Myfanwy did like being outdoors, and the sunshine, she decided that maybe actually she didn’t like living in California. It was... more
    • Do you have to rub it in? - Leopold Harris, Mon Jan 15 10:48
      • I don't HAVE to - Myfanwy, Tue Jan 16 16:00
        Honestly, Leo was always so grumpy, it was almost worth having a billiwig or two around just to sting a bit of cheer into him. If the ethics of casting a cheering charm on someone who didn’t want to... more
        • Ouch - Leopold, Wed Jan 17 08:45
          Leo wrinkled his nose. Watching Myffi pull out that little tub of gloop hurt his eyes. He didn’t want to know what it would do to his taste buds. He turned his attention to his burger, thankful for... more
          • Try looking on the bright side - Myffi, Fri Jan 19 06:29
            Just because Leo was grumpy all the time, it didn’t mean that other people couldn’t be happy all the time. Myffi could easily believe that Toby was, in fact, that happy. She could believe it more... more
            • You're asking a lot of me - Leo, Fri Jan 19 20:42
              Leo looked over at Myffi’s dinner in concern. He’d been interested in AgriClub for the mucking around, getting your hands dirty aspect. And like maybe it would be nice to actually see some results... more
              • I believe in you - Myffi, Sat Jan 20 08:21
                “Do all these meals have to be super vegan, or is it cool to bring a bit of fish along once in a while?” Leo asked. Myffi paused to consider. They’d only had one meal before, and there hadn’t been... more
                • Leo was surprised at how swiftly Myffi had accepted his non-vegan suggestion. He had really thought he was going to have to fight a bit harder for that one. Maybe she wasn’t as unreasonable as he’d... more
                  • That's what friends are for - Myffi, Thu Jan 25 06:39
                    Leo said he would probably come to Agriclub, and Myffi beamed with delight. She was glad she’d sat next to Leo. He didn’t seem so grumpy now as he had right at the start of their conversation. Maybe... more
                    • Then I guess we're friends now - Leo, Mon Jan 29 16:52
                      It wasn’t very often that Leo was the cause of someone’s smile, normally he was much more effective at causing people to scowl at him. In fact when Leo had first come to RMI he’d often got into... more
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