Caleb Taylor
I’m just golden?
Mon Jan 15, 2018 13:03

Caleb had been excited to start at his new school. His father had spent the better part of the start of the year researching good international magical schools. He wanted his four children to receive a more balanced magical education than Caleb had been receiving at his small magical school back in Chicago. The new 5th year had not minded too much his school,but his father, being the renown experimental charms researcher he was wanted his son and only daughter to have a more multicultural education. So, after careful deliberation with his mother they had submitted his transferral to RMI.

The school looked kind of cool to the fifteen-year old transfer. So far so good. He liked that the school seemed to have a small student body, though that wasn't very conducive to good a Quidditch program. He had made his own research and nothing awful had come up about their Quidditch program, but Caleb had to see for himself, especially since he wanted to go into Professional Quidditch after school with a degree in charms. He had learned from the best, and he actually loved the wandwork. His best subjects had been Charms and Transfiguration and he was looking forward to working with Professor Mckindy since his father had raved about his magical progress when it came to Charms. Caleb was pretty sure his father had been persuaded to send his children to RMI after discovering Aaron McKindy was teaching there. Though he would never admit to it.

So here he was, at RMI.

The blonde entered what he had been told was the Finer Diner. His grey eyes wandered around looking for the fire that resembled the color on his new dream catcher: seafoam green. The new RMI had been sorted before the feast, so he knew he was a Lyra. He lazily walked towards were his new housemates were seated. The new Lyra smiled and sat down besides a younger looking boy and listened to the Headmaster's speech. A yawn escaped his lips in the middle of the introductions, but Caleb quickly used his hand to hide it. It was rude to do that while someone was speaking, but merlin he was tired from the day´s excitement.

His mind began to wander towards the bed that was waiting for him, but a sudden growl from his stomach alerted him that he had not eaten much today. He began listing everything he had eaten, and came to the conclusion that a growing teenager such as himself needed more sustenance.

“Hear hear,” Caleb responded to the boy next to him that had interrupted his musing with the same sentiment of hunger he had. “So what's good here?” he asked eyeing a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs not too far from his hand´s reach.

  • Older, Wiser, Golden - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jan 14 15:25
    Summer had passed as something of a blur. Previous years were full of adventures and Satveer could recant many a tale of his family on the road. The nights under the starts. The new and exciting... more
    • I’m just golden? - Caleb Taylor , Mon Jan 15 13:03
      • Golden and welcome - Satveer, Tue Jan 16 10:22
        No sooner did Satveer let slip his desire to eat, the resounding agreement of “Hear hear” was heard. To Satveer’s surprise, it wasn’t a voice he was familiar with. Though it wasn’t like Satveer was... more
        • Excellent - Caleb, Tue Jan 23 18:46
          The kid Caleb had managed to sit next to was invariably awesome. The older student laughed and wondered if Sam was foreign. Probably. “Nice to meet you, Sam,” the Lyra answered with a smile. “I am... more
          • I'm glad you noticed - Satveer, Fri Jan 26 11:10
            Satveer couldn’t help but smile when Caleb commented and then questioned him on his trainers. His trainers were without a doubt one of his favourite things he owned. To a bystander, the trainers were ... more
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