Well that sounds unfun
Mon Jan 15, 2018 13:40

Keith was surprised to see that he had just spoken to the newly minted fifth year perfect of his house. His dad had told him all about perfects and Keith was actually somewhat interested in becoming one. The older boy had just taken a bite when Keith had spoken so he figured it would be a second before he got to respond. Keith took a few bits of his french fries, and the other boy answered.

“Well the tallness helped, but it might be the Perfect badge you just got went and got,” Keith replied a small smile playing on his face. The new Draco wasn’t afraid to talk to older students. He had spent a lot of time this summer in at Robotics Camp, and he was among the youngest there.

“I’m Keith,” he said not holding out his hand this time. Last time at Prospective students day Jesse had given him an odd look. Speaking of Jesse, Keith was happily surprised they made it into the same house. Maybe they’d be roommates or even better friends?
“So can you tell me what the Professors and school are like?” The eleven-year-old asked before eating a few more fries.

It would be nice to know what older students thought of RMI. After all, Mom promised if Keith felt unchallenged or wanted to quit Magicians school she would let him. Dad had laughed and promised Keith he was going to love the Magical World and would never want to leave. The blonde did feel like he was being pulled between two worlds after all his mom was firmly in the Muggle world, and dad was happily in the Magical world, and both wanted Keith to love their worlds.

  • Getting used to new things can be difficult - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sun Jan 14 15:14
    The fifteen-year-old had to fight rolling his eyes as another screech rang through the walls of their home. For some reason, Norah couldn’t get it through her head that she wasn’t attending Rocky... more
    • Well that sounds unfun - Keith, Mon Jan 15 13:40
      • Nonsense, challenges are fun! - Bryn, Tue Jan 16 16:50
        Bryn watched with a slight amount of amusement on his face as the other boy bit at his French fries. Clearly the kid wasn’t embarrassed that he had asked someone who obviously wasn’t a first year is... more
        • If you say so - Keith, Wed Jan 17 18:03
          The older boy introduced himself as Brynjolf and quickly added in his nickname. That was good because Keith wasn’t sure if he would remember the -jolf part of his name. Although he might because it... more
          • I do say so! - Bryn, Tue Jan 23 23:30
            Bryn was relived to hear that Keith did in fact know what Quidditch was. “That’s good,” he said, grinning. While it had taken the Draco some time to understand what the sport was, he’d been addicted... more
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