Susan Bradby
But, but... ice cream..!
Mon Jan 15, 2018 23:49

Susan was visibly relieved when the older girl did not react badly. It was such a relief when she proceeded to clean up the mess with her wand. Oh she was liking RMI already!

Susan was not a fashionable kid, per se, but the comment still stung. ĎItís not mine, itís my sisterís!í she blurted out, apologetic and defensive at the same time. ĎMy robes are being shipped today. Iíll wear them from tomorrow.í She added the lie more to reassure herself than anything. It was a little humiliating to have your fashion choices be questioned on your very first day, but she knew it was coming. She had put up a fight. But since Daddy was away on an official trip, she knew she couldnít wage a war against the eco-crazy mother-daughter duo. If only Ivory had their motherís fashion sense- which was wearing dull, dark colours, as though wearing bright colours would also add to the planetís misery. Alas, the older Bradby girl was more of a bubblegum pink kind of eco-warrior.

Eager to change the topic- even more so to take her mind off the oven in which she was steaming- Susan said, ĎSo, what is the school like? My parents have gone to Hogwarts but my mother says Hogwartsí standard of education is falling so she wants to send me here.í Though her mother did say something along these lines, Susan had a feeling it was more about some environmental issue that her mother had with the British school of witchcraft and wizardry. She had Ivory home-schooled by competent wizards and witches, who also supported her cause- actively or otherwise. But the well-rounded learning that a school provides was amiss in her education. Susanís father was not going to let that happen with his younger daughter- she had to go to school. But Miranda Bradby was adamant about boycotting Hogwarts. So they settled with Rocky Mountain International- a whole ocean away from home.

Susan didnít mind much. In fact, she was excited to explore the country on her own- not immediately, but perhaps in a few years. She loved home, but this was a great opportunity to eat what she liked, wear what she liked and not participate in marches that meant nothing to her. Oh, those awful placard bearing days were over. She would never, ever, in her life, participate in one of those again.

Unable to resist anymore, she reached out and grabbed a cookie. As she took a bite, the chocolate chips melted in her mouth and she almost made a sound of satisfaction. But of course, no one could know what a freak household she grew up in, where cookies and sweets were bad words. So she swallowed her bite and looked at the older girl, trying to concentrate on what she was saying.

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    • But, but... ice cream..! - Susan Bradby, Mon Jan 15 23:49
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