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Tue Jan 16, 2018 03:04

The new Headmaster - who she would emphatically not be calling by his first name - did his version of the usual introductory speech, which included naming Holland and Rose as two Head Students. Claudia did not disapprove. It would have been good for Danny to shoulder some proper responsibility but the fourth year held no argument with the administration's decision; Dardanius had made some poor choices recently. Perhaps he ought not to be held up as an example for model behaviour.

As Claudia surveyed the passing platters of food, searching for something healthy among a sea of meat and cheese based morsels, a scruffy little bounce of energy appeared next to her in a tangle of red mane. Kit Kendrick’s presence at the Cetus fire, and her unnecessary, rambled introduction, were apparently as inexplicable and random as the younger girl’s usual actions, and so Claudia supposed she ought not to be surprised. The the reason for this interruption - if such a word could be applied to such a scenario - bust forth from the child so suddenly that it took Claudia a moment to catch up.

“You’re Danny’s little sister and he was going to marry Marissa but now he’s not and we need to fix it and you have to help me!”

“No,” she replied, using as few words as possible to reduce the potential for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. She doubted very much that Danny had ever intended to marry Marissa (which made him both more and less of an idiot - less because he did actually have some sense of who he was and the sort of person he was going to marry, which was obviously not somebody like Marissa, and more because that should have meant he didn’t become involved with her in any way, whereas he actually had become involved with her in every way, apparently), but regardless, she was absolutely not going to be complicit in any scheme whatsoever that might try to pair Danny with someone so wholly unsuitable.

“Kit, they broke up,” she said reasonably, but not unkindly. It wasn’t the younger girl’s fault who she had for an older sibling, same as it wasn’t Claudia’s. “It is not up to you - or me - to change what they decided was for the best.”

  • Only if you judge me by mine - Katherine Kendrick, Sun Jan 14 20:00
    Summer had been 82% awesome for a lot of reasons and a lot of them were weddings. Or almost-weddings, which was close. Aunt Jessie had almost gotten married but then she had gotten baby dragons that... more
    • I do - Claudia, Tue Jan 16 03:04
      • I'm glad we're on the same page - Kit, Fri Jan 19 12:44
        It was clear the Claudia had given up hope and Kit thought that was very sad. It was important to never give up hope! Kit was a perpetual optimist even when things were going very wrong, like last... more
        • We're not even in the same book - Claudia, Fri Jan 19 15:08
          Kit was touching her. Katherine Kendrick was touching her right now. Claudia was forced to wonder what wrong turns she had taken in her life that had brought her to this point. They weren’t even in... more
          • Oh! Claudia was the sort of person who didn’t like being touched. That was okay. Grandpa Aaron sometimes got like that and it was important that they respect it when people didn’t want to be touched, ... more
            • I'll concede to that - Claudia, Sat Jan 20 07:26
              Good grief there was no predicting what would happen next in any situation where Kit was involved. Claudia was suspecting that any sort of logical reasoning was going to be a complete waste of her... more
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