Golden and welcome
Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:22

No sooner did Satveer let slip his desire to eat, the resounding agreement of “Hear hear” was heard. To Satveer’s surprise, it wasn’t a voice he was familiar with. Though it wasn’t like Satveer was familiar with many student voices, or students for that matter. Except Kit and her voice.

This year Satveer had resolved himself to make some friends… and the obligatory ‘do well in school’ that was obligatorily implied, but mostly make some friends.

The new voice came from the new Lyra, sat adjacent to Satveer. To Satveer’s surprise this student was not a first year. And they certainly were no second year. Satveer decided that this was a fourth year at least and they were talking to him! “So what's good here?”

Realising the new boy was American, Satveer quickly tailored his default response. He didn’t want to redo previous exchange he’d had around sausage gravy and biscuits, especially with a new student. It didn’t seem like good manners. “It’s all good to be honest.” Satveer acknowledged. “Last year I started the year off with Pizza and peaked too early!” he chuckled. “This year’s feast though…” Satveer stuttered, eyeing up the food, “I aim to get a meal from each continent” he exclaimed proudly. “Though I don’t know how my stomach will feel about it!” Satveer joked as he stood and reached over to pick up one of the many bowls of spaghetti and meatballs. Satveer sat back down, bowl in hand. “I can however fully recommend the English Cloudy Lemonade.” Satveer heartily contributed. “I understand it’s different to American lemonade because it’s fizzy”. (English) Cloudy Lemonade was firmly cemented as Satveer’s cold drink of choice. Tea being his hot drink of choice.
Aware that he had recommended a drink that wasn’t visibly on offer, Satveer caught the attention of a passing house elf and politely requested a pitcher of it. Noting that it has to be the English cloudy lemonade.
As a result of his lengthy discussions with Og, his uncles crudely nicknamed house elf, Satveer always made a point of being polite and courteous to all house elves, irrespective of their attitude to wizards. As Og firmly attested, “Firstly, you don’t want to upset those who serve you food, you don’t know what they could/would do to it. Secondly” and this had proven to be true, ”a little kindness is often rewarded.”

Satveer looked towards the new Lyra and smiled. Being an older student, Satveer thought it best to offer a more formal greeting, as it was what one did with one’s elders. “I’m Satveer, but please, call me Sam” Satveer said as he extended his hand towards the new boy as to shake his hand.

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    • Golden and welcome - Satveer, Tue Jan 16 10:22
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