Marissa Kendrick
One Last Time (Rose, of course!)
Tue Jan 16, 2018 15:17

Marissa adjusted the belt one more time around her waist and frowned in the mirror. The high waist dress with a white and black polka dotted top and navy blue skirt reached right above her knees, and while it had short sleeves, a black ribbon was tied in a neat bow at the back of her neck to keep it from slipping off. The back was open, but she planned on wearing her robes to her last opening feast at Rocky Mountain International, so no one would see that anyway. Shame.

“It’s almost time, honey!”

The red-head, whose hair had become much shorter in the last day that before and only reached her shoulders, nodded once more at her reflection before slipping her feet into her yellow ballet flats and making her way to her luggage. The brown belt around her waist didn’t clash with the little bits of black, she decided. There were plenty of other things to worry about, of course, but this was way easier. Her makeup was flawless, her outfit was cute, and her hair looked amazing. Fake it till you make it, right?

She gave her mom and dad a quick hug goodbye and promised to be good (she was always good, so it wasn’t a lie, other people were just More Good). Marissa gave her mom an extra hug as a thank you for the day before. It was nice to talk about everything before going back to school.

Her stomach lurched when the dreamcatcher grew warm and threw her back into a place she loved so much. There was so much going on, but she didn’t want to ruin her last opening feast ever. Marissa waved goodbye to Kit and made her way over to the Aquila fire, where she waited for Rose. They’d written like normal over summer break, but she hadn’t told Rose about her and Danny’s break up yet. It didn’t make sense. By the time her owl made it over to Rose’s home, the Farnon children would have already portkeyed to school. She absentmindedly twisted her stretch bracelet with green stones around her wrist.

Marissa didn’t get the opportunity to think about how Fine she was before Rose found her and the speech started. The red-head vaguely knew of the new Headmaster, but she didn’t have any actual memories of him. Garen had told her a thing or two. It was enough for her to know that if she threw her parties, she probably wouldn’t get in too much trouble if caught. Not that she really felt like planning and throwing parties at the moment, anyway. She couldn’t think of a time where throwing a party made something good happen.

When the Head Students were announced, Marissa cheered so loudly for her two friends. She even hopped up on her feet as she applauded. She knew Rose and Holland would be the head students! Even though the Aquila knew she wouldn’t be selected, there was a slight churning sensation in her stomach. It was brief, but it was enough to remind her that that was one less thing she had to put on her college applications now, and one more for Rose to show all those fancy schools how much she would belong there. The feeling went away as soon as Rose was back at the fire with her, so she brushed it off and hugged her best friend really quickly before they sat down.

“I knew you’d get it!” She half-whispered with a bright smile. “Rose, I’m so proud of you. We’ve gotta celebrate. Not, like, a party, but drinks on Pearl Street or something!”

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