Nonsense, challenges are fun!
Tue Jan 16, 2018 16:50

Bryn watched with a slight amount of amusement on his face as the other boy bit at his French fries. Clearly the kid wasn’t embarrassed that he had asked someone who obviously wasn’t a first year is it wasn’t his first year here. The fifth year had a certain amount of respect for that, considering he probably would have tripped over about three apologies in his first year. For that reason, Bryn decided that he liked this kid – Keith as he introduced himself.

“Brynjolf,” the Draco said in reply giving a courteous nod of his head. “But everybody calls me Bryn.” He might’ve offered to shake hands, but those extremities were preoccupied with the food that he was still eagerly consuming. He took another bite, while Keith was eating fries, thinking over the question. Bryn didn’t have problems with any of the professors, but then again, he spent most of his life in the library making sure that he passed his classes with no less than an A. He was a teacher’s pet, but no one had ever said that to his face.

“Professor Embers and Bennett are very nice and their classes are easy in the sense that they’re not overly strict. But the subjects themselves can be difficult sometimes.” He paused for a moment, thinking about the other professors that he knew pretty well. “Professor Heir – he teaches potions – likes pranks and he can be grumpy sometimes. It’s the same with Professor McKindy too.”

“There are some that are tough, though.” Professor Blair came to mind immediately. The woman scared him so much that he was glad that he didn’t have to take her Cultural Studies class anymore. Samuel Boot came to mind as well, but less because he was tough and more that History of Magic had been so boring to begin with that his forgetfulness made it worse. “The classes themselves though, those are what matter most and while they can be hard, they’re always interesting.”

“Oh, Coach Reid is really tough too,” Bryn shuddered to think at anyone who though goofing around was a good thing on the pitch. If the Draco ever got a detention, it was because he’d done something on the Pitch that the coach didn’t like. But having been on the team for four years – hopefully five, but one never knew – Bryn had learned how to avoid having those particular demerits handed to him. “But as long as you behave on the Quidditch Pitch he’s generally pretty good.” The fifth year paused at that, a frown crossing his features. “Uh, sorry, do you know what Quidditch is? Sometimes I forgot that not everyone that has magic knows.”

  • Well that sounds unfun - Keith, Mon Jan 15 13:40
    Keith was surprised to see that he had just spoken to the newly minted fifth year perfect of his house. His dad had told him all about perfects and Keith was actually somewhat interested in becoming... more
    • Nonsense, challenges are fun! - Bryn, Tue Jan 16 16:50
      • If you say so - Keith, Wed Jan 17 18:03
        The older boy introduced himself as Brynjolf and quickly added in his nickname. That was good because Keith wasn’t sure if he would remember the -jolf part of his name. Although he might because it... more
        • I do say so! - Bryn, Tue Jan 23 23:30
          Bryn was relived to hear that Keith did in fact know what Quidditch was. “That’s good,” he said, grinning. While it had taken the Draco some time to understand what the sport was, he’d been addicted... more
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