Petra Stiglitz
Let's not and say we did
Tue Jan 16, 2018 19:01

A gaggle of children clung to Petra’s frame as she tried to move through the living room of her home. The tall thirteen-year-old frowned as she tried to shake off her three younger siblings. The twins had only just started to walk over the summer and Kolby was babbling much more than Melli was. Dedrick, for his part, just wanted to be included in the fun. Where Petra’s six old siblings were, she couldn’t guess. Probably at muggle school, but she’d seen them the night before anyway. They had already said their goodbyes so she wasn’t too upset by the fact that they were missing.

At the end of the previous school year, the Aquila was happy to be coming home. She’d grown quite sick of being away from all her family. She’d endured Hugo’s torment for the entire summer as well as Helena’s attempt at mothering her consistently because they both had mama’s magic. Top it all off, mama was pregnant again. That would be her tenth sibling and everyone who could understand knew by now that mama had a poor temper when growing babies. Even the doctor said she shouldn’t have anymore and that this last baby (because it would be mama’s last – papa swore it) was a miracle. But now, after spending the entire summer with her family, she was more than ready for the solitude that Rocky Mountain had to offer.

Some people at RMI were just as bad as her siblings, causing trouble or getting into things they shouldn’t be. But at least the third year wasn’t responsible for them. It had taken some time to detach Melli, Kolby, and Dedrick from her person, but when they were safely in the arms of Mr. Stiglitz, Petra had all but snatched up her dreamcatcher. The object between her fingers grew warm and with a faint noise of final goodbyes, the world was spinning and swirling in a mirage of different colors.

The Aquila arrived in the Finer Diner with a queasy groan. She’d never liked travelling by portkey and it definitely made her feel sick. Sometimes, Petra envied the simplicity of muggle school kids. They didn’t have to do anything like magical appear halfway across the world or a country. The blonde girl took a deep breath and steadied her feet, no need to fall over in front of everyone. She made her way quickly to the Aquila fire and settled in among her fellow students.

It didn’t take long for the sorting or the new headmaster’s speech and soon the feast had begun. It wasn’t more than a few seconds (or maybe minutes, she really wasn’t paying attention) before she heard a voice next to her. Grey eyes zoned in on one of the newly minted Aquila kids and her eyes widened. Was he seriously reaching for the bonfire?

“Don’t.” Petra said, reaching out to grab the boy’s hand. She had an image in her mind of Kit Kendrick licking a potion ingredient or spilling that awful potion that had made everyone be honest for a whole class and not be able to control it. “Magic things shouldn’t be played with if you don’t know what they’ll do to you.” While she’d never seen anyone try to touch it, she really didn’t think it was a good idea. So much for not feeling responsible for younger kids anymore.

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    • Let's not and say we did - Petra Stiglitz, Tue Jan 16 19:01
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