Salutations, second year
Wed Jan 17, 2018 05:46

The student next to him repeated their message of welcome (Jesse had to assume it was a repetition anyway, as he had missed the original installment, distracted by the food and the flames and the thousand other new assaults on his senses) and offered an introduction. “Dylan,” Jesse repeated, in what was probably a vain attempt to commit the name to memory. “I’m Jesse,” he returned, unable to shake hands even if he wanted to because his hands were occupied with too much food. Not too much in the sense that he wouldn’t be able to consume it all, because there were only two small dishes, and Jesse could eat a lot when he was hungry, which he was right now, and often was, now that he thought about it, but too much in terms of having free hands for shaking. Not that he was actually especially eager to shake hands anyway, but that’s what Kevin - Keith? Kyle? - had done on the prospective students day so maybe that was considered normal. Or maybe Kevin was abnormal.

The moment for handshaking had passed. Nevertheless, Jesse put his savory-pastry-looking-thing at the edge of his chowder dish and set about actually eating some of the food now in his possession. After two mouthfuls he remembered there had been more to Dylan’s greeting than just an expression of welcome and his name. “Thank you,” he said, because manners cost nothing - apparently, according to proverb, and his mother, although they did sometimes take time, and if time was Galleons then did manners cost Galleons? - “for offering to help.” He imagined starting out in a new school where he didn’t know anybody or his way around was a prime example of when a person might need to ask for help. He thought about asking Dylan how he got his hair cut, but even Jesse, who suspected he was renowned at his last school for asking unusual questions, could tell that was a peculiar conversation opener.

That was not a concern, because there were many, many other questions Jesse had developed since his arrival by portkey not very long ago. “So Draco students all share a common area,” he recalled what he thought he knew, but phrased it sort of like a question, to show that he was seeking information, not divulging it, “but there are separate sleeping dormitories? Will I share a room or have one of my own?” He asked. That hadn’t been clear to him at orientation, only that some people shared and some people didn’t. “I share a room with my brother at home,” he said, just in case Dylan was wondering why it mattered that someone else may or may not be in the room while Jesse was sleeping and therefore unconscious to his surroundings and the presence or not of other people. “And what else is there in the commonroom? Although I expect I’ll find out soon,” he remembered, having voiced this next query without letting Dylan answer the first.

Jesse had a habit of asking too many questions and neglecting to listen to the answers, even though he was only asking the questions to get the answers, so it was a terrible habit and he needed to break it. He already apologised to Dylan in his head, but somehow that got lost in internal monologue and didn’t come out of his mouth before the intended follow-up comment, “You talk now.”

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    • Salutations, second year - Jesse, Wed Jan 17 05:46
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