Have you been exposed to suspicious vapors?
Wed Jan 17, 2018 09:58

Dylan gave the kid a wary look. Asking a barrage of questions then giving him permission to speak? Either Jesse was already well acquainted with wizarding culture and had already accepted madness as normal or he was a natural at it. It was fine though. Dylan was cool with madness now. Besides, it was entirely possible- it had happened to Dylan once already- that Jesse had been exposed to some kind of mismade potion vapors that made him literally unable to stop speaking until he told someone else to talk.

Like he said, the wizarding world was mad.

“Yeah, it looks like you’ll be sharing a room with the other new Draco first year, since you’re both guys. Dorm rooms are split by gender, House, and year, so since there’s two of you, you get to share. It’s not too bad. I’ve got two roommates, which coincidentally, is how many brothers I have, too. Eventually you’ll learn to cast spells to muffle the snores. The tough part is going home again where you’re not allowed to cast the muffing charms anymore.” He grinned a bit to show he was joking, mostly, sort of, not really.

“Right after dinner here, you’ll get to see it for yourself, but the common area is kind of like a library lounge. It’s got comfortable furniture to sit on, and tables to study at, and a bunch of bookcases with books on a variety of different subjects along the one wall. It’s not too bad, but I prefer the actual library most of the time.”

“Are you looking forward to any particular class?” he asked, figuring this was a safe line of inquiry to ask a newly minted Draco.

  • Salutations, second year - Jesse, Wed Jan 17 05:46
    The student next to him repeated their message of welcome (Jesse had to assume it was a repetition anyway, as he had missed the original installment, distracted by the food and the flames and the... more
    • Have you been exposed to suspicious vapors? - Dylan, Wed Jan 17 09:58
      • No I'm just like this - Jesse, Fri Jan 19 06:52
        If Dylan was to be believed - and so far Jesse had no reason not to trust him - he would have a roomate, and it would be the boy with the K name that he had met already. The boy who had been eating... more
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