Emmett Lawrence
I've had worse
Wed Jan 17, 2018 20:08

Emmett had hoped that once - just once - he would portkey into the Finer Diner uneventfully. Much to his chagrin, however, his streak of flubbing it up lived long and prospered. The world swooshed around him, and he somehow managed to land weird on his ankle and promptly flop over on the Finer Diner floor. It was a familiar sight, the shiny wooden stripes, so much bigger at this proximity than when the common man walked across without much thought. The floorboards and Emmett were well acquainted. Perhaps even old friends.

To put it mildly, he was dumb and he fell over a lot.

But whatever. He gathered himself up haphazardly, not even caring how dumb he looked anymore. It was his sixth year, he was decidedly an upperclassman, and he was somehow in the Cool Kids™ friendgroup of now seventh years (oh my god Emmett don’t think about that now or you’ll cry in public), so like, whatever. Either he was somehow cool and nothing would change that, or he was a total dork pity party and this couldn’t make it worse. Time to care a little bit less maybe hopefully probably not.

Just after he regained his footing, he felt an elbow in his side. Fortunately it was a friendly one, belonging to one Danny Dubois. Emmett smiled at his friend and followed him by the Aquila fire - at which point he waved to Marissa but especially to Rose because duh - over to the Lyra. He thought he caught Danny muttering something, but he was not expecting the clarification that came when they sat down: “Marissa broke up with me.”


There was a joke at Emmett’s expense (oh, yeah, he’d been dumped by Marissa before too!), but he barely even registered that. But then the Headmaster was talking and Danny didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t offer him any more information. It was hard to pay attention to the speech, except the part where the Head Students were announced. That captured Emmett’s immediate attention, and he applauded and whooped loudly. His girlfriend and his best friend ruling the school. Yeah, he officially had it made.

Danny made a comment quietly, and that brought Emmett back to him. Oh, yeah, Danny. He probably wanted that. Also, Marissa had dumped him?! What?!

The food came out pretty quickly after that, but for once, the blond didn’t really care about that. “So, Marissa dumped you?” he reiterated incredulously. “Damn, dude, what did you do?”

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