To bigger and better things?
Thu Jan 18, 2018 16:35

Instead of answering—you know, like a normal person would—the other student trailed off and ate the whole rest of his burger. The top bun was mostly gone because he’d sacrificed it to the spicy empanada problem, so he was eating it with a knife and fork. That was weird. Who ate a burger with a knife and fork? So what if the top bun wasn’t there? Just get your hands dirty. For someone who seemed to be really hungry, the other student sure was eating his burger in the most time-consuming way possible.

Drew was pretty hungry too, because all he had had in the last couple of hours was one unhappy bite of empanada and a glass of milk that he hadn’t enjoyed much either. Drew flagged down another house elf, Jakes, and took a plate with a big pile of fettuccine alfredo from Jakes’ tray. There were pieces of chicken and broccoli mixed into the creamy sauce. Drew stabbed some of the chicken with his fork and twirled it to wind the long flat noodles onto the utensil. He took a bite. Much better. Definitely not spicy.

Whoops, he hadn’t introduced himself. Drew chewed and swallowed. “Oh, sorry, no, I didn’t. I’m Drew. Nice to meet you.” Leon hadn’t said his last name, so it felt like it would be weirdly formal for Drew to use a last name. The only people who really cared if people they’d just met knew what their last names were purebloods who wanted other purebloods to recognize their family.

Leon must be a Muggleborn. For the most part, only really rich purebloods had actually talked to a house elf before coming to RMI, but people with any wizards in their family usually knew what house elves were, even if they’d never met one. “They’re the house elves,” Drew said. “They work here. They’re the ones who make food and do laundry and keep the school and everything clean, stuff like that. They’re really nice.” Antoine, the house elf who was in charge of the kitchen, could be kind of a fussbudget, but if you went to the kitchens and asked nicely then he would give you food no matter what time was it. And Kizzy, who was head of RMI’s house elves, was the best.

What were the rest of his questions? Oh yeah, the Diner walls were confusing him. Well, that was fair. Some people got motion-sick from seeing the moving prairie grass background on the walls at first. “No, no, we’re underground. The whole school is under Boulder. The walls are just magicked to look like that.” He didn’t know what they looked like if someone took the magic off somehow. Probably stone, like most of the rest of the walls around school. The floors in the Diner looked like wood, but Drew was pretty sure it wasn’t real wood because otherwise how would they have the bonfires? The wooden floor would catch on fire and it’d be a big problem. “Even like, the Quidditch Pitch and the outdoor classroom are underground. There’s like, a forest and stuff, but we’re still inside.”

  • Moving On - Leon Finnin, Wed Jan 17 12:47
    Leon gratefully drinks the milk, his eyes watering with the last of the spice. He looks back at the older boy and smiles. Then he looks down at his burger, the Irish boy’s face turns a shade of red... more
    • To bigger and better things? - Drew, Thu Jan 18 16:35
      • Leon smiled, “Drew… got it!” It seemed like he got away with the change of subject. Drew didn’t seem to press questioning which was good. He didn’t want to have to lie to the friendly older boy. “So... more
        • Would something big and safe work? - Drew, Fri Jan 19 18:31
          “Yeah, of course they are. House elves like doing work,” Drew said. Muggleborns didn’t really get how house elves worked, which was fair. Most house elves wouldn’t take money or anything even if you... more
          • Like a prison or a kennel? - Leon, Mon Jan 22 22:03
            Leon's mind raced with so many questions. Though one thing Drew said stuck in the first years mind, “your step dad is our head of house?” Though the boy didn't know much about magic schools he did... more
            • I was thinking like a bouncy castle - Drew, Tue Jan 23 00:36
              “It’s not that weird,” Drew said, shrugging. His dad was the Head of Lyra, plus the counselor and the director. And his aunt (sort-of aunt—out of all his aunts, Cindra was the least close to being... more
              • Bouncy castles are dangerous - Leon, Fri Jan 26 00:33
                “Oh, How…” Leon started to ask does that work but decided better of it. Instead the boy thought he would just nod and smile in response to him almost making a big mistake. Sure he was told that... more
                • They’re like fun padded rooms! - Drew, Fri Jan 26 12:09
                  Leon started to ask a question and Drew mentally braced himself for whatever inappropriate question he was about to be asked by the first year. Honestly why couldn’t people just mind their own... more
                  • Like the loony bin? - Leon, Tue Feb 6 12:07
                    Leon turned slightly to Drew, “It’s just that… I don’t know… I think I’m in too deep or something. Like, you know how things work and have a normal magical family. Meanwhile, I just have an... more
                    • But fun! - Drew, Tue Feb 6 23:26
                      Deep in thought, Drew took a cupcake from the house elf’s tray. Leon had said a lot of really intense stuff. Drew was not really up to dealing with that for a few reasons: 1) because it was the... more
                      • I wouldn't call a padded room fun. - Leon, Fri Mar 9 02:48
                        Leon thought a moment, then he sighed, "yeah, I guess you are right about that." The first year moved into a more comfortable position and just stared at the older boy. He seemed to know everything,... more
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